Photo of Politician Victor

Personal & Career

Legislative Service

  • Elected to the Senate in 2016, reelected subsequently
  • House of Representatives, 2012-2016

Honors and Awards

  • Good Conduct Medal, U.S. Marine Corps


  • Fraternal Order of Police, member
  • League of Women Voters of Orange County, member
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando, member
  • ATU-Latino Caucus, Former Southeast Regional Representative
  • Central Florida Labor Council (AFL-CIO), Former Trustee
  • Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, Vice Chair, 2010, current member
  • Orange County Democratic Executive Committee
  • Florida Voters League, Inc., past member
  • New York City Transit Police, Detectives' Endowment Association, 2nd Vice President, past member

Biographical Information

Occupation: NYC Transit Police Detective, retired
Spouse: Carmen L. Rodriguez-Torres of San Juan, PR
Children: Yvonne Torres; Victor M. Torres , III; Justin Torres; Amy Mercado; Melony Marcella
Grandchildren: Evan; Eliza; Jeremy; Jaslene , Ivan; Wilfredo; Rebekah; Arielle; Aaron; Carin; Aidan
  • John Jay College
Born: July 22 in New York, New York. Moved to Florida in 1993.
Military Service: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Religious Affiliation: Episcopal
Recreation: Softball
Consists of Osceola county and part of Orange county

Date Proposed Bill Title
Sponsored Bills Policy Area
Date Sponsored Date Proposed Bill Title
Cosponsored Bills Policy Area
Position Date From Date to District Branch Party State
Senator 15 Senate Tallahassee
Introduced House
Passed House
Introduced Senate
Passed Senate
To President
Became Law
Vote Date Vote Bill Title
Name Position Date Joined Branch
Politician Party Purpose Type Date Amount
Type Address
District (407) 846-5187
Capitol (850) 487-5015