Photo of Politician Frank M. 
                        Ruff Born in Bedford County, Virginia on September 22, 1949; educated at University of Richmond; Business Owner; married Jessica Bowne Ruff; member: Clarksville Presbyterian Church; Member of the House: 1994-2000; Member of the Senate: 2000- Brunswick County (Part), Charlotte County (All), Mecklenburg County (All), Lunenburg County (All), Nottoway County (All), Campbell County (Part), Dinwiddie County (Part), Halifax County (Part), Pittsylvania County (Part), Prince George County (Part), Danville City (Part), Groups that discuss and research specific subject matter in regards to legislation or public projects. Legislative Staff Cindy Hosmer, Legislative Director Session Office Pocahontas Building Room No: E505 Senate of Virginia P. O. Box 396 Richmond, VA 23218 Phone: (804) 698-7515 Fax: (804) 698-7651 P.O. Box 332 Clarksville, VA 23927 Phone: (434) 374-5129 Fax: (434) 955-2224

Date Proposed Bill Title
Sponsored Bills Policy Area
Date Sponsored Date Proposed Bill Title
Cosponsored Bills Policy Area
Position Date From Date to District Branch Party State
Senator 15 Senate Richmond
Introduced House
Passed House
Introduced Senate
Passed Senate
To President
Became Law
Vote Date Vote Bill Title
Name Position Date Joined Branch
Politician Party Purpose Type Date Amount
Type Address
Capitol (804) 698-7515
District (434) 374-5129