Photo of Politician Christopher

Professional Life

Job title Organisation Date
Bishop of Southwark Church of England 2011 -
Bishop of Woolwich Church of England 2005 - 2011
Archdeacon of Northolt Church of England 2001 - 2005
Rector of Stepney Church of England 1993 - 2001
Minor Canon and Chaplain of St Paul's Cathedral, London Church of England 1989 - 1993

Public Life

Job title Organisation Date
Patron Embrace the Middle East 2013 -
Patron Friends of the Holy Land 2013 -

Date Proposed Bill Title
Sponsored Bills Policy Area
Date Sponsored Date Proposed Bill Title
Cosponsored Bills Policy Area
Position Date From Date to District Branch Party State
House of Lords
Introduced House
Passed House
Introduced Senate
Passed Senate
To President
Became Law
Vote Date Vote Bill Title
Name Position Date Joined Branch
Politician Party Purpose Type Date Amount
Type Address
Capitol Telephone 020 7219 5353