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Parliamentary service
  • Elected to the House of Representatives for Rankin, Queensland, 2013. Re-elected 2016 and 2019.
Committee service
  • Joint Select: Trade and Investment Growth from 2.10.2014 to 22.10.2015.
  • House of Representatives Standing: Economics from 4.12.2013 to 19.10.2015; Tax and Revenue from 4.12.2013 to 22.10.2015.
Parliamentary party positions
  • Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition from 18.10.2013 to 13.10.2015.
  • Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Trade and Investment from 18.10.2013 to 13.10.2015.
  • Shadow Assistant Minister for Trade and Investment from 13.10.2015 to 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation from 13.10.2015 to 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Minister for Productivity from 13.10.2015 to 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Minister for Sport from 13.10.2015 to 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Assistant Minister for Resources from 4.5.2016 to 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Minister for Finance from 23.7.2016 to 2.6.2019.
  • Shadow Treasurer from 2.6.2019.
Party positions
  • Officeholder of Australian Labor Party local branch positions from 1997.
  • Secretary of the Australian Labor Party National Policy Committee from 2003 to 2004.
  • Delegate for Rankin to the Australian Labor Party State Conference from 2011.
  • Born 2.3.1978, Brisbane, Australia
  • Married
Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament
  • PhD (Australian National University).
  • BCom (Griffith University).
  • BA (Griffith University).
  • Research officer, Dept of Premier and Cabinet (Qld) 1999-2001.
  • Tutor in politics and public policy, ANU and UC 2001.
  • ALP National Research Manager 2002-04.
  • Media Adviser to the Shadow Treasurer 2005-06.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Opposition 2006.
  • Senior Adviser to the Premier of New South Wales 2006-07.
  • Queensland General Manager CPR 2007.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff and Principal Adviser to the Treasurer 2007-10.
  • Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer 2010-13.
  • Executive Director, Chifley Research Centre 2013.
  • Name: Rankin
  • Location: The Division of Rankin consists of: part of the Brisbane City Council, and part of the Logan City Council.
  • Area: 131 Sq km
  • Electors enrolled: 103,551 (at 7.6.2019)
  • Industries: A diversity of land use, from residential and acreage suburbs to light industrial.
  • Glory Daze: how a world-beating nation got so down on itself, MUP, Melbourne: 2013.

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