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Parliamentary service
  • State: Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Council, 2003. Resigned 24.6.2004 to contest the House of Representatives division of Watson, New South Wales.
  • Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Watson, New South Wales, 2004. Re-elected 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
Ministerial appointments
  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 3.12.2007 to 14.9.2010.
  • Cabinet Minister from 3.12.2007 to 18.9.2013.
  • Minister for Population from 14.4.2010 to 28.6.2010.
  • Minister for Sustainable Population from 28.6.2010 to 14.9.2010.
  • Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities from 14.9.2010 to 1.7.2013.
  • Vice-President of the Executive Council from 5.3.2012 to 18.9.2013.
  • Minister for the Arts from 25.3.2013 to 18.9.2013.
  • Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship from 1.7.2013 to 18.9.2013.
Committee service
  • Joint Standing: Migration from 6.9.2005 to 11.10.2005.
  • House of Representatives Standing: Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation from 2.12.2004 to 24.6.2005.
Parliamentary party positions
  • Shadow Minister for Small Business from 26.10.2004 to 24.6.2005.
  • Shadow Minister for Immigration from 24.6.2005 to 10.12.2006.
  • Shadow Minister for Immigration, Integration and Citizenship from 10.12.2006 to 3.12.2007.
  • Shadow Minister for Finance from 18.10.2013 to 23.7.2016.
  • Manager of Opposition Business in the House from 12.11.2013.
  • Shadow Minister for Environment and Water from 23.7.2016 to 2.6.2019.
  • Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Australia from 23.7.2016 to 2.6.2019.
  • Shadow Minister for the Arts from 23.7.2016.
  • Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations from 2.6.2019.
  • Born 4.11.1969, Sydney, Australia
Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament
  • LLB (University of Sydney).
  • BA (University of Sydney).
  • Sales and shop assistant 1982-91.
  • Electorate officer to Senator GF Richardson 1993-94.
  • Electorate officer to Senator MG Forshaw 1994-95.
  • Director, Aticus Pty Ltd 1996-97.
  • Union organiser, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association 1997-2003.
  • Member, Legislative Council (NSW) 2003-04.
Local government service
  • Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Council, 2003. Resigned 24.6.2004 to contest the House of Representatives division of Watson, New South Wales.
  • Legislative Council Representative on the Council of the University of Technology, Sydney from 7.5.2003 to 24.6.2004.
  • Temporary Chair of Committees from 7.5.2003 to 24.6.2004.
  • Name: Watson
  • Location: Watson covers an area from the Main Suburban Railway, Centenary Drive and the Hume Highway in the north to the South Western Motorway, Kingsgrove Road and Canterbury Road in the south. In the east by Old Canterbury Road and Prospect Road and in the west by Fairford Road, Stacey Street, Rookwood Road, Joseph Street and Olympic Dive. The main suburbs include Ashfield, Bankstown (part), Belfield, Belmore, Campsie, Canterbury (part), Chullora, Croydon Park, Enfiled, Greenacre, Kingsgrove, Lakemba, Mount Lewis, Punchbowl, Rookwood, Roselands and Strathfield South.
  • Area: 47 Sq km
  • Electors enrolled: 107,774 (at 14.6.2019)
  • Industries: Light manufacturing and service industries.

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