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Parliamentary service
  • Elected to the Senate for Queensland 2016. Election ruled void 27.10.2017 under section 44 of the Constitution; ruled ineligible from 2.7.16. Elected to the Senate for Queensland 2019.
Committee service
  • Senate Select: Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure in a Warming World from 13.10.2016 to 7.4.2017; Lending to Primary Production Customers from 20.3.2017 to 27.10.2017 (Chair from 20.3.2017 to 27.10.2017); Effectiveness of the Australian Government's Northern Australia Agenda from 22.7.2019.
  • Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Public Administration: Legislation from 4.7.2019; Finance and Public Administration: References from 4.7.2019.
  • Born 3.5.1955, Disergarh, India
  • Married
Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament
  • BEng(Mech)(Hons) (University of Queensland).
  • MBA (University of Chicago).
  • Vineyard labourer, 1973.
  • Coal face miner underground, 1977-79.
  • Mining engineer, 1979-83.
  • Mine management, 1983-84.
  • Mine manager, 1984-88.
  • General manager, 1990-93.
  • Investigating climate claims from 2008.
  • Various reports, a selection are at .

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