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                        Colordao COLORADO, Antonio J., a Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico; born in New York City, September 8, 1939; attended elementary and high school of the University of Puerto Rico; B.S., Boston University 1962; J.D., University of Puerto Rico School of Law, 1965; LL.M., Harvard University School of Law, 1966; admitted to the bar in 1966 and commenced the private practice of law in 1969; legal tax advisor, Economic Development Administration of Puerto Rico, 1966-1968; executive assistant to the Economic Development Administrator of Puerto Rico, 1968-1969; member, Puerto Rico Tax Reform Commission Sub-committee, 1973; lecturer on taxes, University of Puerto Rico Law School, 1978-1980; Inter-American University, 1980; appointed Administrator of Economic Development by Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon of Puerto Rico in 1985; Secretary of State, Puerto Rico, 1990-1992; appointed a Resident Commissioner on February 21, 1992, by the Governor of Puerto Rico as a Popular Democrat to the One Hundred Second Congress to fill the vacancy that would ensue on March 4, 1992, with the resignation of Resident Commissioner Jaime B. Fuster (March 4, 1992-January 3, 1993); caucused with the Democratic Party; unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1992 to the One Hundred Third Congress; is a resident of San Juan, P.R.

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Representative 01/03/1991 01/03/1993 At Large House of Representatives PR
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