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                        Kempthorne KEMPTHORNE, Dirk, a Senator from Idaho; born in San Diego, San Diego County, Calif., October 29, 1951; graduated, University of Idaho 1976; campaign manager for gubernatorial candidate Phil Batt 1982; executive assistant to the director, Idaho Department of Lands 1976-1978; executive vice president, Idaho Home Builders Association 1978-1981; state public affairs manager, FMC Corporation 1983-1986; mayor of Boise, Idaho 1985-1992; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1992, and served from January 3, 1993, to January 3, 1999; not a candidate for reelection in 1998; governor of Idaho 1999-2006; chairman of the National Governors Association 2003-2004.

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Senator 01/03/1993 01/03/1999 Senate ID
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