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Andrew Cuomo’s Incompetence is Crushing New York as Coronavirus Death Toll Soars in The State
04/10/2020 Coronavirus Benjamin
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The Wuhan virus pandemic is wreaking havoc in New York, as the number of infected people in the state keeps increasing by the day. So far, over 138,000 people have been infected and 5,500 people have died as a result of the virus outbreak in the planned parenthood state.

The blame for this sorry state of affairs can be placed on one man – Andrew Cuomo, under whose administration things have gone from bad to worse in New York (this is the state that does not care to create thousands of middle class jobs via fracking – Russia and Saudi Arabia love New York for their irrational decision making).

New York’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and the worst affected state in the country by a wide margin, thanks to a spectacularly incompetent state administration.

The first case of coronavirus infection was diagnosed in the country on the 20th of January. The Trump administration rightly sensed that it could develop into a public health crisis and declared a public health emergency on the 31st of January.

New York, on the other hand, did not take any proactive measures and continued to undermine the threat of the virus outbreak. In fact, in February, elected officials in New York were worried that restaurants in Chinatown were losing business because of the virus outbreak and encouraged New Yorkers to go out and dine at Chinese restaurants even though some of them could be spies for China but this is another topic.

As a result, New Yorkers did not isolate themselves and continued to mingle with everyone – even with Chinese Americans who had recently traveled to Wuhan, where the outbreak initially started.

The results are there for everyone to see now. Thousands have died and hundreds of thousands have been infected, many of whom are in critical condition and might pass away in the coming days. All because Andrew Cuomo could not get his priorities right!

Should Cuomo be charged with murder?

Lack of Foresight and Planning

One of the reasons why New York has not been able to handle the coronavirus outbreak is the utter lack of foresight and planning on the part of the state administration.

Even after the federal government declared a public health emergency, the state administration in New York did not bother to procure N95 masks, which are needed for healthcare workers, and ventilators, which are needed for coronavirus patients.

It was also recently revealed that the state administration had auctioned off the emergency stockpile of masks and ventilators a few years ago, as part of its budget cuts program.

Normally, states can seek the help of the federal government whenever there is a shortage of essential supplies. In this case, however, the federal government itself was facing a shortage of essential medical supplies, thanks to eight years of misrule by the job killing idiot Barack Obama.

By the end of his second term, Obama had completely depleted the emergency stockpile of essential medical supplies and did not bother to restore them. It was an act of criminal negligence which put the lives of millions of Americans at risk.

It goes to show that liberal politicians are apathetic to the needs of the very people who vote them into office. The red states realized it a long time ago. It’s time for the people in the blue states to realize it as well.

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