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Trump Gets Tougher On Illegal Aliens: Elite Tactical Agents To Be Deployed in Sanctuary Cities
02/18/2020 Illegal Immigration Benjamin
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The Trump administration recently announced that it will be deploying elite border patrol tactical units (BORTAC) in sanctuary cities across the country to facilitate the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens. The agents of these units will be working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to arrest and deport illegal aliens who have found safe refuge in sanctuary cities.

Why Such a Move Is Necessary

When Trump got elected to the White House in 2016, Democratic politicians openly declared that they will not be cooperating with the federal government in its efforts to check the flow of illegal aliens into the country and to arrest and deport the aliens who have infiltrated our communities.

Over the past three years, Democratic politicians have done everything they can to provide safe haven to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have no right to live in our country.

In addition to letting illegal aliens live in the so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, Democratic politicians have also instructed law enforcement agencies to not cooperate with federal agents in their efforts to arrest and deport illegal aliens. This is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional, as state and local agencies are required by law to cooperate with federal agents in enforcing immigration laws.

There have been many instances where local agencies in sanctuary cities have not only refused to cooperate with ICE agents, but actually alerted illegal aliens and facilitated their escape before they could be detained by federal agents. This is something you would expect to happen in a banana republic or a failed third world country, not in the United States of America!

How Trump Is Combating the Menace of Illegal Immigration

The decision to deploy tactical units in sanctuary cities is the latest step taken by the Trump administration to combat the menace of illegal immigration in the country.

In addition to this, the Justice Department has also stated that it will be taking legal action against sanctuary cities in California, Washington State, and New Jersey (all three states are seeing amazing job losses because of high taxes) for refusing to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing immigration laws. 

Citing the reasons behind the legal action, Attorney General William Barr stated that sanctuary cities provide shelter to illegal aliens – even those who have committed serious crimes – a move which puts peaceful and productive members of our society at grave risk.

Apart from this, President Trump has also authorized consular officers to deny visa to pregnant foreign nationals who visit the US for the explicit purpose of giving birth to a baby. The move is expected to end the practice of birth tourism and drastically reduce the number of anchor babies born in the country every year.

Thanks to these measures, there has been a significant increase in the number of illegal aliens who have been arrested and deported over the past three years. Once the wall gets completed, we can expect to put an end to the menace of illegal immigration and make sure that our country’s resources are spent on our own people, not on people who are from countries that we cannot even spot on a map!

No more anchor babies!

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