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Trump Acquitted – The Senate Finally Puts an End to The Impeachment Sham
02/09/2020 Trump Benjamin
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February 5th, 2020 will go down in US political history as the day on which the Democratic Party signed its own death warrant. On that day, the Senate acquitted President Trump of the charges brought against him by the Democrats and put an end to the most divisive and politically motivated witch hunt in history.

Well besides the Mueller report! What’s that imbecile doing!? Comey – we’re coming for you!

Why Trump’s Acquittal Was a Foregone Conclusion

It was clear from the very beginning that the charges against President Trump were propped by the Democrats for no reason other than the fact that they hate his guts and what he stands for.

For nearly two years, the Democrats accused Trump of stealing the election from Hillary Clinton with the help of Russia. Even after wasting millions of taxpayer money, that clown Robert Mueller (who was just mentioned), who botched the Whitey Bulger investigation, could not find any evidence to corroborate the ridiculous claim made by the Democrats.

Shortly after, the Democrats accused Trump of asking a favor from the Ukrainian government to defeat his political opponent – Joe Biden. Now, everyone with a functioning brain knows that the President did no such thing. He only asked the Ukrainian government to investigate the scandals that involved Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden – which he had every right to do so.

Sensing that the Ukraine issue was their only chance to remove President Trump from the White House, deep state assets in the intelligence agencies and Trump’s own cabinet lined up to accuse him of corruption, abuse of power, and a number of other charges and testify against him in the House.

When they did testify at the House, it turned out that none of them had actually listened to the call between President Trump and the Ukrainian President. Nobody listened to what Trump said and nobody bothered to read the transcripts of the call. Yet the Democrats impeached President Trump – just to gratify their bloated egos and boost the morale of their miserable voters.

Trump Is Winning Big

While the Democrats were busy with the impeachment clown show, President Trump focused on doing what he does best – reclaiming the United States’ position as the pre-eminent superpower in the world.

  • The US economy continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, record numbers of employment opportunities are being created week after week, and our manufacturing sector is the healthiest it has ever been in decades.
  • Trump has called Iran’s bluff, pinned China down to the mat, and renegotiated our trade deals to put our country’s interests first.
  • Trump has also started constructing the border wall, put an end to the anchor baby scam, and has managed to arrest and deport hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in the past three years.

Trump is, without a doubt, the most successful POTUS of the last three decades. The most incredible part is that he managed to achieve so much without having any political background and while being hounded by the Democrats every single day.

Now that he has four years of experience and the right people to guide him, his second term will probably be better than his first term, which is great news for all patriotic and real Americans.

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