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The Iowa Caucus Disaster Shows That the Democratic Party Is in Complete Disarray
02/09/2020 Democratic Party Benjamin
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The Iowa caucus results are out and the winner is Donald Trump. In their sad attempt to derail the President’s momentum, the Democratic presidential candidates ended up derailing each other’s momentum instead. As of now, the Democratic Party is in such a shambolic state that President Trump might actually cruise to a bigger victory in the 2020 election than he was already going to do.

The Disaster That Was Iowa Caucus

The results of the Iowa caucus showed just how corrupt and hopelessly incompetent the Democrats are. For one thing, it took them forever to count the votes and they still could not declare the results officially, as the app, which was specifically designed for the caucus, kept malfunctioning.

Before the official results were even declared, Pete Buttigieg claimed that he had won the caucus. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, claimed that he was the real victor, as some of the precincts had mistakenly allocated the wrong number of delegates to the candidates.

Pocahontas, who came in third behind Buttigieg and Sanders, tried to downplay the impact of the caucus. Biden, who was supposed to be the Centrist candidate to take down Trump, finished fourth, but the poor man was too shocked to even realize that his dream of becoming the POTUS was slipping away from him in real time.

And soon him and his corrupt family will be charged with crimes.

What the Iowa Caucus Disaster Shows Us

The results of the Iowa caucus showed us four things.

  • The Democratic establishment really hates Sanders. He is getting ripped apart by the mainstream media, who are cheering for Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, and even Bloomberg. Aside from the deluded college kids who call themselves ‘Bernie Bros’, no one else seems to support Sanders. It is not really surprising, considering Sanders wants to strip people of their hard-earned wealth and his supporters want to put their political opponents in gulags.
  • The mumbling and handsy Biden got gut kicked in Iowa. There is really no other way to put it. Up until now, he was seen by many as the man who could snatch rural white voters away from Trump in the Midwest. No one expected him to lose to a Johnny-come-lately like Buttigieg. Unless he has an ace up his sleeve, which seems highly unlikely, he might not be the face of the Democratic Party in the 2020 election.
  • There is not a single Democratic presidential candidate who can stand up to President Trump. Voters are unlikely to be swayed by the socialist policies of Sanders when the US economy is the healthiest it has ever been. Biden will probably forget his own name if he is pitted against Trump. The serial liar Warren will get roasted by Trump – probably even worse than he roasted Hillary in 2016. Buttigieg will be laughed out of stage by the voters themselves.
  • Lastly, the Democrats are not only corrupt, but utterly incompetent. If they manage to capture the White House again, they will run our country down to the ground.

Tough luck Democrats! By the time you recover from the Iowa caucus disaster, President Trump will have further increased his chances of getting re-elected in 2020 and I did not even mention the amazing jobs report or the impeachment failure.

Perhaps the job killing Democrats will bring back Mueller!

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