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Trump Scores Major Victories in His Fight Against Immigration And Birth Tourism
02/01/2020 Trump Benjamin
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Last week (mid-January 2020), when the left-liberal ecosystem was busy with the impeachment trial, President Trump quietly secured two major victories in his battle against unchecked immigration and birth tourism.

The Public Charge Immigration Rule

Recently, the Trump administration introduced a new immigration rule called ‘public charge’, which is designed to provide a path to citizenship for young, healthy, and high-skilled immigrants and reject immigrants who are old, unhealthy, unskilled, and are likely to rely on welfare benefits.

Such a rule was long overdue, as low-skilled immigrants have been a drain on our economy and society. Data shows that a vast majority of low-skilled and unskilled migrants are on welfare, which costs the taxpayers close to $60 billion every year. This does not bother Democrats because Democrats want pathetic people in our country because that means more votes for them. Republicans want Americans who contribute – Democrats don’t.

Now, thanks to the public charge rule, we can prevent poor, sick, and unskilled migrants from entering our country and abusing our welfare system, which can help us save billions of dollars every year. If you don’t bring anything of value go back to your home country and we know why your home country does not want you because you are worthless to them too.

The Check against Birth Tourism

The Trump administration has also come up with a new rule to curb the menace of birth tourism. The rule gives consular officers the right to deny visa to pregnant women who want to visit the US for the sole purpose of giving birth to a child, so that he or she becomes a US citizen.

We don’t want you or your baby! It’s not our fault you became pregnant!

Data from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that every year, roughly 33,000 women travel to the US for the sole purpose of giving birth to a child. 21 years later, the parents of these anchor babies can also migrate to the US through a process called chain migration.

Currently, there are over 4.5 million anchor babies in our country. Every life is precious but that does not mean America needs to pay for your irresponsibility. On top of this, having a child to obtain free benefits does not work for us – we should not have to respect you. The number does not include the hundreds of thousands of children that are born every year to illegal aliens and people who are here on temporary or tourist visas. It is estimated that the hospital costs associated with the births of anchor babies cost the taxpayers more than $2.5 billion every year.

Why These Immigration Rules Are Important

The consequences of mass migration and illegal immigration from other countries – particularly from South American countries – have been utterly disastrous for the United States.

Aside from the fact that it is costing us billions of dollars every year, unskilled refugees and illegal aliens have made our country an unsafe place to live in. Data clearly shows that illegal immigrants and refugees tend to commit crimes at a much higher rate compared to tax-paying citizens because they don’t have any skills and they are surrounded by uninspiring people. The large scale influx of illegal aliens has turned our communities – which were once safe and prosperous – into third world shanties. LA smells like urine!

If you want to know what illegal immigration on a large scale can do to a state, just take a look at California (as just insinuated – LA is despicable). Crime rates have skyrocketed, the streets are filled with homeless people, junkies, hobos, and prostitutes, and common people are scared to go out at night or park their vehicles in public places.

Basically, the new immigration rules introduced by the Trump administration can certainly prevent the rest of the country from turning into California! Or New York!

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