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The Don Lemon – Rick Wilson Segment on CNN Encapsulates Liberals’ Contempt For Conservative Voters
02/01/2020 CNN Benjamin
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Have you ever wondered why ISIS favoring and baby destroying liberals hate conservative voters – particularly white voters from the south – so much? A panel discussion on President Trump’s impeachment trial, which aired on CNN last Saturday, spelled out the answer to the question quite clearly.

CNN Segment on Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Last Saturday, in a panel discussion on CNN, Rick Wilson (ex-GOP strategist and current job killing and European favoring policy promoter) and Iran loving Wajahat Ali (a regular contributor to CNN, New York Times, Guardian, and other homeless loving and urine smelling city promoting left-liberal media houses) discussed President Trump’s impeachment trial. The segment was moderated by the dumbest man in American television history – the real estate crisis loving Barney Frank BFF Don Lemon.

At one point, Rick Wilson said that the President could not spot Ukraine on a map and stated that he is supported by ‘credulous boomer rubes’ that are just as ignorant as the President is. He also put on a heavy Southern accent to let everyone know that he was talking about white southerners, who form the core of Trump’s support base.

Not to be outdone, Wajahat Ali mocked Trump voters by implying that concepts like ‘geography’ and ‘spelling’ are alien to them.

Don Lemon, for his part, laughed his heart out and was almost on the verge of tears by the time Wilson and Ali were done.

What the Segment Showed Us

The segment confirmed what many patriotic Americans already knew. Liberals do not view conservatives as their political or ideological opponents. They view us as their enemies – they are central planners – they want a bureaucrat to run our lives. They do not consider us their equals. They think we are beneath them and worthy of their contempt. This is why liberals always try to take the moral high ground in any political discussion, because they think that conservatives are not smart enough to differentiate between right and wrong.

RINOs like Rick Wilson, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins also share the same worldview, as they are liberals for all intents and purposes. They do not follow an ideology, do not have any convictions, and are always eager to get a pat on the back from their liberal masters. 

Why Trump Is Our Only Choice

The infamous CNN segment clearly shows that the ideological war between conservatives and liberals cannot be won through dialogue or discussion. The only language liberals understand is brute force, which is what Donald Trump represents.

Ever since he became the President, Trump has exposed the mainstream media for the propagandists they are, called out liberals on their double standards, sidelined RINOs from the GOP, packed the courts with conservatives, and pushed through legislations that can break the left-liberal establishment’s stranglehold on our country’s sociopolitical discourse.

And the most amazing part is – he managed to get it all done despite being harassed every single day by his political opponents who are eager to get rid of him by any means necessary.

This is why liberals have a visceral loathing for Trump. They know that if the man gets one more term, he will transform the country in ways they cannot even imagine. Tough luck liberals; Trump is getting re-elected in 2020 and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it!

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