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John Bolton’s Decision to Release a Tell-All Book Is a Breach of Trust
01/28/2020 John Bolton Benjamin
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Apparently, former National Security Advisor John Bolton (who’s mustache has been stolen from the 70s) is planning to release a book in March, in which he has discussed his role in the Trump administration in great detail. The New York Times has already published an excerpt from the book, in which Bolton alleges that Trump tried to withhold military aid to the Ukraine government in order to get them to agree to a quid pro quo deal which is not true and we already know Joe Biden did the same thing.

Bolton – you were fired because you keep trying to get America into a war! We don’t want to get into a war unless we have to Bolton! Yes – Iran needs to go away but not in your manner. And Trump may be already realizing there’s no hope for North Korea.

Why It Is a Major Breach of Trust

Bolton’s decision to write such a book is truly unfortunate, as it is nothing but a breach of trust and an act of betrayal. The role of the National Security Advisor comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of which is the ability and the integrity to keep sensitive information to oneself.

Presidents usually discuss a wide range of issues with their national security advisors. These issues are usually of great importance and often pertain to the country’s security and sovereignty. The purpose of such candid discussions is to formulate a sensible foreign policy which is in our country’s best interests and to make decisions on tackling the threats faced by our country – within our own borders as well as from other countries.

By writing such a book, Bolton has shown that even someone like him – who has a long record of serving our country in various capacities – cannot be trusted completely. Why would any President discuss sensitive issues with their staff if they are not sure if the information would remain safe within the confines of the White House or if it will be sold to a publishing house for a million-dollar book contract?

Why Bolton Is Upset with Trump

One of the reasons why Bolton, who has a reputation of being a war hawk, is upset with Trump is that his plans for never-ending wars in the Middle East were not approved by the government.

Before even assuming the role of National Security Advisor, Bolton had called for regime changes in Iran – through military action if necessary. Trump, who promised his voters that he will not repeat the mistakes of George Bush, was naturally not thrilled with the idea of spending another trillion dollars in a pointless war in the Middle East.

Our never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have only served the military industrial complex. For the people of America, it has been a disaster – in terms of the money we have spent and the lives we have lost.

Moreover, America has the economic might to bring any country to its knees through sanctions alone, as we recently saw in China. The mighty China, which used to push around Democratic presidents, is now groveling before Trump, as they are feeling the heat of our tariffs. We can do the same with Iran and knock some sense into them, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars and sacrificing young lives.

Bolton, just like many others in the DC establishment, is against this idea. He is not the first to try and take down Trump and he will certainly not be the last. Try as they might, they will not succeed as Trump has the unwavering support of the silent majority.

Hilarious that Bolton is making the job killing Democrats happy who ignore the Iranian protestors who could be instrumental in Iran regime change! Bolton’s petty and pathetic. And now we know Bolton is another swamp creature.

Bolton – you know we are $24 trillion in debt! We need to get out of NATO too!

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