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More Hillary Clinton Emails Emerge, Which Clearly Shows The Extent of Her Crimes
01/28/2020 Hillary Clinton Benjamin
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It seems like Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is a bottomless pit, out of which new details emerge with alarming regularity. Earlier this month, the FBI released 37 pages of Hillary’s emails, through which she transmitted classified information to a number of third-parties around the world.

More Emails from Hillary

The latest series of emails released by the FBI clearly show that Hillary shared classified information with her aides, friends, and foreign leaders without the slightest of care. The emails show that she regularly leaked classified information to several people including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, her close aide Huma Abedin, and her personal assistant Monica Hanley.

Can you imagine the audacity of this woman? She shared classified information with her personal assistant, who has a reputation of being a ‘fixer’ in the DC establishment. Monica Hanley used to set up private meetings in the Hamptons, where Hillary used to meet with her donors, business partners, and influential people from around the world to discuss various issues.

Now, it is clear that Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to receive millions in donations to her foundation and used classified information from the US government to gain leverage over her political opponents.

Obama’s Collusion with Hillary Clinton

One person who has managed to escape unscathed in this unholy scandal is Barack Obama. The investigation conducted by the DOJ clearly shows that the Obama administration bent and broke every rule in the book to help Hillary when she was caught with her pants down in the classified email scandal.

On top of that, Obama also directed the Department of Justice and the intelligence agencies to spy on Trump and his team and to harass conservative donors to the GOP. The FBI was so thoroughly compromised under Obama that special agents openly bragged about ‘stopping Trump’ by any means necessary.

Despite running such a blatantly corrupt administration, Obama was almost elevated to the status of a saint by our sold-out media. For eight long years, they kept telling us how intelligent, kind-hearted, witty, charming, and honest he is. They even plastered Michelle Obama’s uncute mug on fashion magazines and urged young girls to follow her as a role model.

It goes to show that the mainstream media in this country – with the exception of Fox News – is an integral part of the liberal political establishment. They no longer report news – they merely take orders from their liberal masters and regurgitate it on TV and in print every day.

What Trump Needs to Do

When Trump gets re-elected in 2020, he should make sure that Hillary Clinton pays for her sins. For decades, she used her position to get what she wanted, even if it meant compromising national security – as we saw in the email scandal – and putting American lives in danger – as we saw in Benghazi. Trump should lock her up and send a message to the DC establishment – if you put your own interests above the country, you have to pay the price!

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