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West Virginia Lawmakers Ask Virginia’s 2A Sanctuary Counties to Join Them
01/28/2020 West Virginia Benjamin
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It seems the political storm brewing in Virginia is not likely to die down any time soon. Ever since the Democrats captured Virginia, ordinary citizens have been pouring into the streets in support of the 2nd amendment and a majority of the counties have declared themselves as ‘2nd amendment sanctuaries’.

Earlier this month, a group of GOP legislators in West Virginia proposed a resolution that will allow the 2nd amendment sanctuary counties to secede from Virginia and join West Virginia.

The Proposal by West Virginia

Gary Howell, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Committee on Government Organization, says that they initially drafted the resolution to offer moral support to rural Virginians who are livid at the very idea of the government taking their guns away. However, they have now received tremendous support from many rural voters who are actually considering the possibility of leaving Virginia.

There are primarily two reasons why rural voters in Virginia are so angry right now.

First, the Democrats want to implement gun control measures that are draconian and patently unconstitutional. Unlike the soymilk sipping urban voters, rural voters in Virginia are hardworking, salt-of-the-earth people who are proud of their culture and country and are not afraid to fight for what they believe in.

Secondly, the Democrats also want to reduce state government’s spending in rural parts of Virginia and increase the spending in urban regions. This is a blatantly discriminatory move to punish rural voters, who form the core of the Republican voter base in Virginia, and reward urban voters, a majority of whom are immigrants who vote for the Democrats.

Now that the merger between a section of Virginia and West Virginia has become a real possibility, Howell says that the legislators who proposed the resolutions are working on a plan as to how to execute the annexation properly, if it were to happen.

The Lessons to Be Learned from the Virginia Episode

There are two lessons to be learned from the Virginia episode.

First, if you vote for the Democrats, they will take away your constitutional rights to free speech and to bear arms. This is true in every job killing Democrat controlled state in the country today. Whether it is New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, or California, the situation is the same – the residents have to jump through hoops to buy a gun, whereas criminals and illegal aliens can simply buy it from the black market.

Secondly, and more importantly, as the immigrant population grows in size – whether it is legal immigration or illegal immigration – states tend to turn blue (real Americans don’t vote for Democrats).

Virginia, for example, used to be a Republican stronghold for many years. The GOP legislators, however, made the mistake of opening their door to immigrants from all over the world – many of them have no clue on what made America great. As a result, the foreign born population in the state has grown considerably, as a result of which the Democrats have managed to claw their way into the state.

As we get closer to the 2020 election, the choice for American voters is quite simple. Vote for Trump to reclaim our glorious republic and make sure the Democrats do not get any way near the corridors of power ever again.

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