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Biden Leading The Race as The Democratic Establishment Stabs Bernie in The Back
01/28/2020 Bernie Sanders Benjamin
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The Democratic primaries have been an endless source of entertainment this year. From the utterly deranged Beto O’Rourke to the senile Biden, we have seen an assembly line of clowns who have blatantly lied, made ridiculous claims, and demonized half of the country – all in the hope of defeating Donald Trump.

As of now, it is quite clear that Biden is likely to emerge as the Democratic candidate, since Bernie Sanders has been stabbed in the back by his own party, yet again.

Democratic Establishment Shows Bernie His Place

Recently, Elizabeth Warren alleged that Bernie Sanders told straight to her face that a woman can never, ever be the President of the United States. Now, it is quite possible that Bernie, like millions of Americans, is petrified of a Warren presidency, which is likely to be worse than a Hillary Clinton presidency, if it is even possible.

Nonetheless, Warren did not take too kindly to Bernie’s comments and leaked it to the news media. Funnily enough, the remarks were allegedly made about a year and half ago. Somehow Warren did not feel the need to raise the issue all this time. Now, as soon as it was revealed that Bernie could overtake Warren in Iowa and other key states, Warren leaked the saucy little anecdote to the media.

Now, in the aftermath of the Me Too movement, we are supposed to believe every woman, irrespective of their past history. So, naturally, the mainstream media decided to side with Pocahontas and vilify Bernie.

Isn’t it amazing? Pocahontas, who has made a career out of lying and cheating blatantly, is now a paragon of virtue who is to be trusted by the common people. So far, Warren has lied about being a Native American, getting fired for being pregnant while she worked as a teacher, and sending her son to a public school.

Bernie Sanders – A Weak Man with No Principles

Anyone who has observed Warren over the years can tell you that she has no morals or scruples. She will not hesitate to lie or cheat if it helps her to reach the top. Yet the Democratic establishment has chosen to back her and has thrown Bernie Sanders under the bus.

It just goes to show that Bernie is not taken seriously by the Democratic establishment at all. They did not take him seriously in 2016 and they are not taking him seriously now. To them, he is merely a clown who can entertain the crowd with his socialistic fantasies. Once the show is over, he is expected to back his bags and leave. He does not get a seat at the high table.

In 2016, he was screwed over by Hillary Clinton. Now, he has been screwed over by another equally vile woman in Elizabeth Warren. Now, any other man in Bernie’s position would opt for the nuclear option and try to bring down a woman like Pocahontas whose treachery knows no bounds. We cannot, however, expect Bernie to do so.

In 2016, he chose to grovel before Hillary Clinton and even campaigned for her. He will probably do the same this time around, as he is a weak man who lacks the guts to stand up and fight for what he believes in. And the deluded Bernie bros think he can take on Trump? Tough luck, fellas. It’s not going to happen in your lifetime.

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