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15 GOP Governors Are Working against Trump’s Agenda by Accepting Refugee Resettlement Programs
12/30/2019 Refugees Benjamin
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At a time when President Trump is working hard to curb the menace of refugee resettlements, 15 GOP governors (not conservatives; not America first governors – selfish governors – though still better than homeless creating Democrat governors) are actively trying to undermine his efforts by approving refugee resettlement programs in their states.

Trump’s Efforts to Reduce Refugee Resettlement

One of the first steps that President Trump took to reduce the inflow of refugees into the country was to sign an executive order which gave veto power to states and counties so that they can decide whether or not they want refugees from other countries to be settled in their communities.

How many states want the Boston bombers to come into their state? Rolling Stone may have no problem with terrorists blowing off the faces of Americans but that’s because their brains are being ravaged by political correctness.

It is an excellent decision which can prevent our communities from being taken over by refugees from countries that we cannot even spot on a map. A good example is Minnesota, which used to be a beautiful state filled with American families. During the Obama administration, thousands and thousands of refugees from Somalia were settled in Minnesota, without the consent of the state and local administrations.

Minnesota now has an anti-American congresswoman who sides with ISIS in the name of Ilhan Omar – she actually believes Islam is a credible and sensible religion which is pure nonsense.

As a result, sections of Minnesota now resemble a third-world hellhole and have become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. Prior to the refugee settlement, an Islamic terrorist sympathizer like Ilhan Omar (as just stated) would not have even dreamt of contesting an election from Minnesota. Now, she serves as the representative for a congressional district, which is utterly shameful.

The good thing about this nut job Ilhan Omar is that she is on the verge of giving Trump four more years.

GOP Governors Working against American Interests

Instead of working with President Trump to put an end to the menace of refugee settlement and illegal immigration, several GOP governors have shamelessly approved refugee resettlement programs in their states. They include Bill Lee of Tennessee, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, and Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, and Jim Justice of West Virginia.

What is even more shameful is that the group which is lobbying hard for refugee resettlement programs in Republican controlled states is funded by the reptilian, terrorist loving, job destroying, and community attacking George Soros. Despite the fact that Soros has openly declared that removing Trump from office is his number one agenda, some misguided GOP governors have sided with him and betrayed the interests of their constituents.

Data from the federal government shows that refugee resettlement programs cost nearly $2 billion a year. This is a colossal amount of money, which could be spent on our communities or given back to tax payers in terms of tax cuts with Trump understands so well. It is now up to the people in these states to express their displeasure in no uncertain terms and make these governors see reason.

But they are still better than Democrats. Democrats raise taxes and destroy babies after they are born.

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