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Under President Trump, The Economy Is Growing Like Never Before And Reaching Unprecedented Heights
12/24/2019 Economy Benjamin
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While the Democrats are conning the braindead and food stamp loving masses (not the millions of real Americans who are not ravaged with the political correct disease) with the impeachment charade, President Trump is working hard to take our country to never-seen-before heights.

Despite every job killing and Baltimore urine smelling liberal economist praying for a recession, the economy is growing at a brisk pace and is producing more employment and economic opportunities for working class Americans every single day.

Let us take a look at some of the numbers now.

  • Nearly 6 million people have dropped off of Obama’s and Pelosi’s food stamps since President Trump assumed office. It is the largest drop in food stamp recipients in a very long time. In stark contrast, under the Obama administration, the number of food stamp recipients skyrocketed by a whopping 135% - one of the largest increases in history since the Great Depression of 1929 which was caused by central planners known as The Fed.
  • The country’s unemployment rate currently stands at 3.5%, which is the lowest it has ever been in more than 50 years much to the dismay of The Squad who want everyone in America to depend on them to survive (AOC – I ordered pancakes not waffles!).
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 10,000 points since Trump assumed office much to the dismay of Mark Cuban and Josh Charles who both are just stupid every day that goes by.
  • The income of the average American worker has increased by $5,205 since Trump assumed office which bothers Obama because he wanted everyone in America to depend on him and his cronies just to get through every day of the year. Sorry Obama, that is my invention not yours! Consumer spending and saving levels have increased by a notable extent in the past three years.
  • The manufacturing sector is the healthiest it has ever been in more than three decades, thanks to the America First policies implemented by Trump. We know liberals don’t like America even though America could kill Boko Haram for kidnapping those girls in Nigeria but Obama allowed that to take place while he played golf and VP Biden sold out his public office to Ukraine and China!

What President Trump Did During His Impeachment Proceedings

What is incredible is that while his impeachment proceedings were going on in the House, President Trump was working to make our country and our economy stronger.

During the impeachment week, he signed phase I of the China trade deal, the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada) trade deal, and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bill. The terms of these trade deals are favorable to our workers and are designed to benefit our manufacturing sector.

Particularly, Trump made China bend to his will – a feat no other President has managed to achieve in the past 30 years. The Chinese initially thought they might be able to outsmart Trump, like they outsmarted all the other Presidents before him. Trump, however, called China’s bluff and made them see reason. As a result, China has come to the negotiating table and has agreed to sign trade deals which will benefit our farmers enormously.

In other words, Trump got more things done in a week compared to what Obama did for eight whole years!

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