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The IG Report Clearly Shows That The FBI Is a Deep State Apparatus Working Against Trump
12/24/2019 IG report Benjamin
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The long-awaited IG report is finally out and it is nothing short of stunning. The contents of the report clearly show that our intelligence agencies were working with the Obama administration to prevent Trump from getting elected to the office at any cost.

This is because they want Americans to not be dependent on themselves and our own devices but be dependent on central planners – the same buffoons who have destroyed Venezuela, Spain, LA, San Francisco, Greece, and Detroit.

Key Findings of the IG Report

  • The so called dossier prepared by Christopher Steele was so pedestrian and filled with inaccuracies that the CIA initially dismissed it as an ‘internet humor’. Later, the FBI used the same discredited dossier to launch an investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign team. The deep state is going to have an ugly 2020 because Durham and Barr are two real Americans who know Jesus Christ was the son of God and don’t see the liberal world with rose colored glasses on but as urban Baltimore and LA blight stemming from the liberal attack on the father and terrible public school system ran by liberals as well, for instance.
  • Christopher Steele was fully funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and the Democratic National Committee. Despite being aware of this fact, the FBI did not question the political nature of the dossier, took all of Steel’s claims at face value, and spied on Trump’s campaign team.
  • The FBI sent a couple of spies to keep a close eye on Trump’s campaign team. They also tapped the phone lines of several members of Trump’s team, which is a brazenly illegal act. This was done by the vile and sanctimonious James Comey who loves himself so much. He’s going to have a rude awakening in early 2020. Enjoy your freedom while you still can you corrupt SOB!
  • The most shocking revelation is that the FBI blatantly lied to the FISA court – not once, not twice, but 17 times – in order to obtain a series of warrants to spy on Trump and his associates. This is on James Comey again – him and his team are going to get blasted – hopefully it’s in January 2020.
  • President Obama and Hillary Clinton were both aware of what was going on with Trump’s campaign.

The Deep State’s Failed War against Trump

When Trump entered the Presidential race, Hillary and her team dismissed him as a joke. However, after seeing the massive support he received from working class people, Hillary feared that he might ruin her chances to become the president. So, she urged Obama to spy on Trump and make sure – by any means necessary – that he does not become the Republican nominee.

Actively supported by their lapdogs in the media, Hillary launched a disinformation campaign against Trump. Every day, there were stories on Trump, accusing him of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, Islamophobia [liberals act like Muslims did not cause 9-11, the Boston Bombing, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, the latest attack on a US Navy base (end of 2019), and so on], and every other phobia they could think of.

Despite the best efforts of the Democrats, Trump managed to win against all odds and rubbed Hillary’s nose in the dirt.

What Needs to Happen Now

The deceitful John Brennan (who worships Joseph Stalin and the human spirit destroying Lenin) and James Comey need to be stripped of their privileges and prosecuted for their crimes. Their subordinates need to be fired immediately. The need of the hour is to send a resounding message to our intelligence agencies that they cannot work against the interests of the nation for any reason. If they do, there will be hell to pay.

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