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Virginia’s Implementation of Gun Control Tactics Shows The Dangers of Electing Democrats
12/24/2019 Gun Control Benjamin
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There is a storm brewing in Virginia and it has nothing to do with how many ghettos are in Philadelphia and Baltimore because of liberal politics. Common people and large sections of law enforcement agencies are standing up against the tyranny of Democratic politicians, who want to meddle with people’s second amendment rights while they push for open borders because they know real Americans don’t vote for them anymore.

Virginia’s Proposed Gun Control Measures

When the Democrats gained control of Virginia’s General Assembly in November, conservative political commentators warned that the second amendment rights of Virginians might be in jeopardy. It is exactly what is happening right now.

The Democrats have stated that right after assuming power in January, they will introduce a wide range of gun control measures to curtail the rights of Virginians to own automatic weapons. The problem is that their definition of ‘automatic weapons’ is so vague that any gun you own can be considered an automatic weapon and seized by the government – the same government that allowed the Boston Bombing and Orlando shooting because they allow people in this country who don’t share our values nor respect woman.  

The Response by Virginians

Virginia, as you know, has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country and has a long and proud tradition of defending the second amendment rights of the citizens. Expectedly, Virginians have made it clear that they are not going to comply with the unconstitutional gun control measures introduced by the Democrats.

In an unprecedented move, 86 of Virginia’s counties – out of a total of 95 – have declared themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Law enforcement agencies have openly stated that they will oppose the draconian gun control measures introduced by the Democrats – in the court as well as on the streets because police know that taking guns from good people and only allowing gangsters to have those guns is immoral and disgusting. The police don’t want Virginia to be as violent and menacing as liberal destroyed ghetto Washington DC.

A large number of Sheriffs have come out in the open and stated that they will deputize civilians in order to protect the second amendment rights of every person in Virginia.

Threats Issued by Democrats

The Democrats, not being able to digest the fact that patriotic Americans are standing up to their tyranny, have threatened the counties with dire consequences, should the local law enforcement agencies fail to implement the gun control measures.

Gov. Ralph Northam has arrogantly stated that he will bring in the National Guard if necessary to implement gun control measures.

Think about it for a minute. On the one hand, Democrats provide sanctuary to illegal aliens and brazenly refuse to co-operate with immigration control agents. On the other hand, they threaten law-abiding citizens of the country, who are merely exercising their constitutional rights, with serious consequences.

This is precisely why every American should think twice before voting for a Democrat, no matter how earnest and well-intentioned he or she might seem. The party stands for the rights of illegal aliens, not Americans. Let no other state make the mistake that the Virginians have made!

To all real Americans in Virginia – sell your home while it’s worth something and get out of that pitiful place before they turn that state into a giant South Chicago which is another ghetto city creating by job killing and sexual assault causing Democrats.

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