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Democrats Do Not Believe in Borders Anymore, It Is Precisely Why Trump Will Win in 2020
12/08/2019 Trump Benjamin
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It’s official. The Democratic Party does not believe in borders anymore and they have no problem with Latino woman getting sexually assaulted at the border though this is happening less because of the awesome policies put into place by Trump.

Democrats want America to become a giant, borderless slum where tens of millions of refugees and immigrants from Mexico and Central America can live in and barely survive – all at the expense of American taxpayers of course.

Democrats despise the US tax payer.

The Democratic Vision for America

Given below is a short list of promises made by Democratic presidential candidates so far.

  • Illegal immigration will not be considered a criminal offense. It will just be considered a civil violation and if you sexually assault a Latino female at the border or on the way to get your free handouts – no big deal.
  • Climate refugees and migrants – people who are fleeing their countries as a result of constant climate change because Mother Nature never sits still – will be welcomed into America.
  • Refugees from violent, war-torn countries in Central America will be welcomed into America.
  • Illegal immigrants from Mexico – who sneak through the southern border every day in search of employment and economic opportunities – will be provided with a pathway to citizenship.
  • All the illegal aliens living in the country – as well as those who are sneaking through the borders every day – will get free health care – paid for by American taxpayers.
  • Convicts in federal prisons will be allowed to vote in elections.
  • Convicts in federal prisons who want to undergo sex change operation and change their gender can do so at the expense of taxpayers.
  • Taxpayer funded contraceptives and abortions for all women – including transgendered women.
  • Tuition free college for everyone.
  • Banning automatic assault weapons and mandatory background checks for gun owners.

If these policies were to be enacted, we can expect two things to happen.

  1. Crime rate will soar to unprecedented heights in neighborhoods across the country. Honduras, for instance, has the highest murder rate compared to any other country in the world. What do you think will happen when hundreds of thousands of Hondurans are settled in our communities?
  2. The United States, for the first time in its history, will experience hyperinflation – like what happened in Weimar Germany in the 1920s and what is happening in Venezuela and Zimbabwe right now. The plan to provide free healthcare for everyone – including illegal aliens – will cost the taxpayers a whopping $23 trillion, which is actually higher than the GDP of our country.

In essence, Democrats believe that borders are a social construct. They want to redraw the map of America and give asylum to tens of millions of people from around the world, just so they could win elections.

It is a colossal betrayal of the American dream and an insult to every patriot in the country. This is precisely why Donald Trump will get re-elected in 2020, for no sane American would want to vote for a Democrat ever again in his or her lifetime.

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