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It’s Time For Senate Republicans to End the Impeachment Sham
12/01/2019 Impeachment Benjamin
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For the past few weeks, patriotic citizens of the country have been watching the impeachment inquiry against President Trump with utter disgust.

An innocent man, who has nothing but our country’s best interests at heart, is being subjected to unprecedented levels of harassment every day, just because he dared to take on the Beltway political establishment.

He also took on the deep state and has been winning. Dec. 11th is going to be a terrible day for corrupt federal bureaucrats and lazy/misguided federal employees. The mainstream media is going to go wild when they see the likes of Clapper and Brennan charged with crimes.

Impeachment Inquiry – A Clown Show

From the very beginning, it was known to everyone that the Democrats did not have any evidence against President Trump. They started the impeachment inquiry for one reason and one reason alone – to somehow prevent him from getting re-elected. In fact, Democratic Rep. Al Green admitted on national TV that if they did not impeach President Trump, he would get re-elected.

This is because people like Al Green are poverty pimps and have created urine infested ghettos from coast to coast. Al Green is a job killer – he puts blacks on food stamps and wants to keep them there for life.

Every day, Adam Schiff parades around witnesses who are supposed to provide the House with incriminating evidence against President Trump. Every testimony is being hailed by the media as a ‘bombshell’. The fact of the matter is – no one has any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump, because he did not break any law.

None of the so called ‘star witnesses’ – Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, and Gordon Sondland – have been able to provide any evidence of illegal deals made by President Trump with the Ukrainian government.

So, why are the Democrats still dragging this charade on? There are two reasons, actually.

  • To distract President Trump by any means necessary and prevent him from focusing on what matters to our country and our people – the border wall, the tariff war with China which America and Trump is winning, and matters of national security which liberals don’t care about – just see the Orlando shooting and the Boston Bombing for example.
  • To sow seeds of doubt and confusion in the minds of low-information voters who rely on the mainstream media to get their daily news. This is why they keep parroting the lie that President Trump withheld military aid to the Ukraine, when the Ukrainian President himself has stated that no such thing happened and Biden has already incriminated himself – Biden is the one who has a target on his back and committed crimes related to tax payer money and foreign aid.

The silver lining, however, is that the impeachment inquiry has actually united the Republicans, who are now rallying behind Trump. Moreover, voters, even those in blue states, are also tired of the impeachment circus and want the Democrats to focus on issues that actually matter. 

Currently, it looks like the Democrats might try to pass articles of impeachment against President Trump in the House and then send it to the Senate to conduct an impeachment trial. If and when it happens, Senate Republicans should dismiss the impeachment trial and put an end to this pathetic spectacle.

The radical Democrats are ruining their party. Hilarious indeed! Sorry Bloomberg – the train has left the station!

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