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San Francisco is Truly a Deplorable City to Live In
11/18/2019 San Francisco Benjamin
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It is no secret that cities controlled by Democrats tend to be unlivable in general. Among these cities, San Francisco deserves a special mention, as it is truly one of the worst cities to live in by any metric.

We can speak about Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore, Fresno, and LA later. Liberals destroy anything they ever touch and corrupt any person they ever influence.

We can also talk about London and Paris as well – perhaps later.

The Deplorable State of San Francisco

San Francisco, despite being one of the wealthiest cities in the country, has a large number of homeless people who can be found in every corner of the city. Housing costs have increased greatly over the past few decades, but the median income in the city has not increased proportionately despite the stellar economy that President Trump and his team have created. As a result, people from middle and low-income households are unable to buy or even rent a house in the city.

Though they could live on the streets like a human animals and receive more respect from liberals than people who actually work and contribute to this awesome country. Though no decent person would want to live on the street. This is another reason to not to hold the homeless in such high self-esteem – they are mostly lazy.

San Francisco has the highest crime rate compared to any other large city in the country. Incidents of burglary, shoplifting, larceny, vandalism, robbery, and racially motivated attacks are at an all-time high. The city’s residents are terrorized by homeless people, drug addicts, mentally ill people, petty thieves, and criminal gangs.

Recently, a thief broke into baseball legend Alex Rodriguez’s car and got away with jewelry, camera, and merchandise worth over $50,000. Following the incident, several residents of the city complained that car break-ins have become extremely common in the city.

You can find homeless people smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and having sex with prostitutes in broad daylight and they get this money for free from different public assistance programs that stupid liberals have set up. Drug sellers and pimps can be found in every corner of the city, as they have absolutely no fear of the law. They are Nancy Pelosi’s employees.

The public spaces of San Francisco are littered with used syringes, used condoms, mountains of human feces, and all kinds of trash. It is literally one of the dirtiest places that you can visit in the United States.

Democratic Policies – Compounding the Problem

One of the main reasons behind the disastrous conditions in San Francisco is the utterly senseless policies followed by Democratic politicians.

San Francisco, for example, taxes its productive citizens in order to provide food, showers, and housing to the homeless completely free of cost. The homeless people in the city have a pretty neat gig. They use all the free resources provided by the government, harass ordinary citizens on the streets for money, and spend it on cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes as already mentioned.

The worst part is that the recently elected DA of San Francisco is a hardcore socialist who worked for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (that’s the country that’s caving in on itself and does not have toilet paper). He recently stated that he will no longer prosecute homeless people who urinate and defecate in public. He has also stated that he will not prosecute young men who participate in gang-related crimes, as most of them happen to be African Americans, and it would be ‘racist’ to prosecute them.

With such people in charge, the future of San Francisco does look pretty grim!

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