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America’s Drug Addiction is Fueling The Growth of Cartels in Mexico
11/13/2019 Drugs Benjamin
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The horrific massacre that took place last week at the Mexican border, in which three women and six young children of a Mormon family were killed in cold blood by drug cartel members, has yet again reminded Americans of the dangers posed by Mexican drug cartels to our communities.

The truth, however, is that we are fighting a monster of our own creation.

How America’s Drug Addiction Is Sustaining the Growth of Mexican Drug Cartels

The main reason behind the rapid growth of drug cartels in Mexico over the past few decades is that they have a huge market across their border to cater to. The United States has a large number of recreational drug users and addicts, whose growing demand for drugs is directly responsible for the staggering increase in the production of poppies in Mexico.

The drug cartels in Mexico make hundreds of billions every year by smuggling drugs across the southern border. This is why a bloody turf war has been going on in Mexico among different cartels, as each one of them wants to be the biggest player in the market and get the largest share of the pie.

In fact, law enforcement agencies believe that the Mormon family which was killed last week might have been a victim of a turf war between two different cartels in Mexico.

Building the wall is not going to stop drugs from coming into this country and even if it did drugs would then just be made in this country. If you don’t understand that then you should watch Breaking Bad and take notes.

The wall needs to be built to keep anchor babies out. The southern wall needs to be built to keep out degenerates that are coming here to game our system. The southern border should have had a wall decades ago – certainly by the early part of this century. It would have helped keep out a million uneducated and non-English speaking people that were attracted by the great economy that Trump created.

Building the wall will not help out America with it’s drug problem but building the wall is another stellar aspect of Trump’s Presidency.

What Needs To Be Done

Our government has traditionally taken a militaristic approach to solving the cartel problem across the border. While it is true that cartel members need to be gunned down ruthlessly, it is only a temporary measure. In order to solve the problem permanently, we need to take the following steps.

  • Decriminalize drugs and regulate the manufacturing and sale of drugs in the country. It will shatter the black market built by the drug cartels and instead create a legal, transparent market which can actually contribute to our economy.
  • Militarize the southern border to make sure our guns and ammunition are not smuggled to Mexico. Authorities say that the drug cartels in Mexico rely almost completely on American weapons to defend their turf against each other and against the Mexican law enforcement agencies.
  • Build the wall on the southern border. It is the one step that can prevent drug mules, drug dealers, cartel members, and other kinds of malcontents from pouring into our border on a daily basis but the wall will do more to curb the migrant issue because America does not need them – we have enough unskilled people in this country to handle the low income jobs that this country needs to fill. Legalizing drugs will allow proper businesses to manifest themselves, keep billions of dollars inside this country and not heading towards psychopaths in Columbia and Mexico (see the show Narcos!), and so on.
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