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Three Reasons Why the Impeachment Proceeding Against President Trump is a Sham
11/06/2019 President Trump Benjamin
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America is currently witnessing a political coup, the likes of which we have never seen before in US political history.

The irrational and ISIS loving Democrats, fueled by their deranged hatred for President Trump because of all the good he is doing for this country and the working class people he represents, are trying to stage a coup, as they know that they do not have a prayer of winning the 2020 election.

There are three reasons why the impeachment proceedings against President Trump can only be called a sham.

  1. No Quid Pro Quo Deal with Ukraine

The very basis of the impeachment proceedings against President Trump is the allegation that he made a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine to implicate the fraudulent Joe Biden (who’s embarrassing himself every day on the campaign) in a corruption case. There is, however, no evidence whatsoever to prove the allegation against the spectacular President who Russia and China don’t care for because Trump’s the real deal and no Obama lightweight.

The Ukrainian President has clearly stated that the US President did not try to make any deal with him.

The Ukrainian government has also categorically stated that the US President did not withhold the funds to their country which is what Biden did when he was America’s VP (Obama allowed Biden to sell his public position as Hillary already did that as Sec. of State and Obama was doing the same thing as President – that’s why they are all super rich now!).

Moreover, the Ukrainian government has not provided President Trump with any classified intelligence that could have implicated Joe Biden in a scandal. But we don’t need that because Biden is on tape admitting he committed a crime and we all know his son is dirty as well. He’s a crack smoker for one!  

  1. The Whistleblower is a Democratic Stooge

It is widely believed that deep state criminal and American hater Eric Ciaramella, who is currently with the CIA, is the whistleblower whose complaint started the whole charade of impeachment. Ciaramella is a registered Democrat (and therefore corrupt and someone who is OK with killing the unborn) who worked closely with the corrupt and braindead Joe Biden during the China loving Obama administration.

He is also a close associate of the corrupt and despicable John Brennan (who needs to be lawyering up right about now) – the former CIA director who played a key role in cooking up the ‘Russian collusion’ story in 2016.

Ciaramella also worked with a Ukrainian-American DNC operative who played an instrumental role in planting the story of Russian collusion in the media. Above all, Ciaramella left his position in the National Security Council in 2017 amidst allegations that he was working against President Trump and leaking sensitive information to the press.

Basically, the whistleblower is a stooge of the Democrats and has no credibility whatsoever.

  1. The Impeachment Proceeding is Unconstitutional

Alexander Hamilton once stated that initiating impeachment proceedings against a President along partisan lines is morally and ethically wrong. An impeachment process can be deemed ethical and constitutional only if it has bipartisan support.

In this case, however, the impeachment inquiry is supported only by the Democrats. The Republicans are staunchly against it – and rightly so – as they know that the President has not done anything wrong but in fact done everything right and is possible the best US President since Lincoln.

Basically, the Democrats know that they cannot defeat President Trump – electorally or politically. So, they are trying to stage a political coup to oust him from the office. Tough luck Democrats! Trump will get reelected in 2020 and there is nothing you can do about it!

In fact, Democrats are destroying themselves. They believe plastic straws are a major issue!

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