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Washington Post’s Sickening Obituary to Baghdadi Shows Just How Deranged Our Media Is
10/31/2019 Media Benjamin
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A couple of days ago, patriotic and real Americans (not the ISIS promoting Democrats) were celebrating the death of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who was the leader of the ISIS – a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization. The mainstream media, on the other hand, was mourning his death and criticizing President Trump for telling the nation how the dreaded terrorist met his end.

How Baghdadi Met His End

According to the statement from the terrorist killing and making America safer President Trump, Baghdadi was surrounded by US forces, at which point he took three young children with him and ran into a tunnel.

A loyal and amazing military dog was sent into the tunnel to draw Baghdadi out, which prompted him to detonate his suicide vest – killing himself and the young children who were with him. That’s how Muslims do it – they hide behind woman and children rather than fight with any honor. Muslims also like to hide in caves and tunnels right Saddam Hussein!?

It was a fitting end to a man whose organization groomed and trained young children to become genocidal maniacs and suicide bombers while being allowed to spread across the world while Obama played golf and ruined America’s health care system. The Islamic State singlehandedly carried out the genocide of the Yazidi people in Northern Iraq. Thousands of women were raped, children were killed, and men were butchered in the most heinous manner.

And again, this was done while Obama did not allow our military to do anything about it and while he improved his golf game.

In addition to that, ISIS also carried out mass executions of Christians (Obama did not care because he was a Muslim sympathizer and was never a real Christian – he promotes abortion which verifies this) and people of other faiths in the region. One of the murders which attracted international attention was that of Kayla Mueller, a US humanitarian aid worker who was repeatedly raped and killed by ISIS terrorists.

Now she should not have ever been there but this is another indication Democrats are not honorable.

Mainstream Media’s Reaction to Baghdadi’s Death

The Washington Post wrote a glowing obituary for Baghdadi, in which they described him as an ‘austere religious scholar’. Not to be left behind, Bloomberg Politics called Baghdadi a ‘Koranic scholar who ruled parts of Syria and Iraq’.

Bloomberg is another pitiful American who obviously promotes rape. The Washington Post is a disgusting newspaper that has no credibility in America.

MSNBC went a step ahead and conducted a fact check of President Trump’s statements regarding Baghdadi’s death. Trump, in his statement, mentioned that Baghdadi whimpered and cried in his last moments and died like a coward.

Trump should have said Baghdadi blew up three children because he did – Trump is not perfect though but at least he’s on the right side unlike Obama who used his position to enrich himself like all high ranking Democrats do. Right Hillary and Biden!?

Outraged at this revelation, journalists from the MSNBC and the New York Times speculated that President Trump could not have heard anything from the raid and must have lied about Baghdadi’s death. They insinuated that Baghdadi was too brave a man to fear his death.

If you find it hard to wrap your head around this whole thing, you are not alone. Patriotic Americans across the country are disgusted at the way our mainstream media has behaved in the aftermath of Baghdadi’s death.

It was always known that the media hated President Trump. No one knew, however, that they could stoop to such a low – whitewashing the actions of a genocidal terrorist just to spite our tax cutting and amazing President. The American media is truly the enemy of the people!

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