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The DOJ’s Criminal Inquiry Into The Russian Collusion Scandal is a Welcome Move by The Government
10/31/2019 scandal Benjamin
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It is panic time for the deep state operatives in the government as the DOJ has launched a criminal investigation into its own investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

In other words, we are about to find out how certain high-ranking individuals in our intelligence agencies colluded with the job killing and tax raising Democrats to create the biggest hoax in US political history.

James Clapper and John Brennan – you better lawyer up and perhaps we need to revoke your passports so you don’t try to fly off to Argentina like Nazi officers did after WWII. You are worth about as much as them.  

The Russian Collusion Hoax

When Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, the Beltway political establishment could not digest the fact that a new entrant into the world of politics had managed to so thoroughly defeat their favorite candidate and this is despite Gary Johnson hurting Trump. Trump would have won five more states if it was not for Gary Johnson. Interesting but this is another topic.

In order to deny the legitimacy of his victory, they came up with the Russian collusion theory, which was so ridiculous that patriotic Americans could right away tell that it was a load of hogwash.

Still, an official investigation was launched by the despicable Rod Rosenstein, who was keen to kowtow to the demands of the Democrats. After wasting two years and $32 million of taxpayer money, special prosecutor Robert Mueller could not find any evidence of Russian interference or collusion in the 2016 election.

What we do know, however, is that the FBI used a fake dossier prepared by Hillary Clinton’s team to obtain a FISA warrant to monitor Trump’s campaign team. FBI agents even boasted that they will use the power of their office to stop Trump by any means. We know this via their words and Tweets at the time.

For two long years, the ISIS killing and job creating President Trump was smeared in the vilest manner by the mainstream media despite the fact that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing – either by him or by his team members. Also, the media actively tried to downplay the illegality of the FBI’s actions.

DOJ’s Criminal Inquiry – The Right Move at the Right Time

To get to the root of the conspiracies behind the Russian investigation, the DOJ has opened a criminal inquiry into the matter and has appointed John Durham, who served as the US attorney for Connecticut, as the lead prosecutor.

Since this is a criminal inquiry, Durham has the right to issue subpoenas to potential witnesses and file criminal charges against the conspirators. As a result, the black sheep in the intelligence community who colluded with Hillary Clinton are in a state of panic and have already called it a ‘witch hunt’.

Hey guys; witch hunt was what you did to President Trump for two long years. We are just returning the favor now except this investigation is based on actual evidence and logic!

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