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Trump is Right to Withdraw Our Troops From Syria
10/21/2019 Troops From Syria Benjamin
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Ever since President Trump declared that he will be pulling US troops out of Syria, the left-liberal establishment and a section of the Republican political establishment have gone into a collective meltdown.

Everyone – right from Hillary Clinton to Mitt Romney – is accusing Trump of ‘abandoning’ our Kurdish allies. It is, however, not true at all.

Why Trump Pulled Our Troops Out of Syria?

One of the major problems with our Middle Eastern policy is that we do not seem to have an end goal. We entered Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, which we successfully managed to do. Instead of making an honorable exit, our troops are still in Iraq, trying to prevent sectarian violence among various Muslim communities with little success.

That’s not our fight!

The less said about Afghanistan, the better. We have lost thousands of soldiers and spent billions of dollars, yet there is no end game in sight. What is even worse is that Pakistan – the motherland of Islamic terrorism – still continues to receive billions from us, pretending to be our ally. It’s amazing what the State Department continues to do.

The exact same scenario is being played out again in Syria. We entered the country to eliminate the threat of ISIS, which we did. Yet our troops are still there, trying to take sides in what is essentially an age-old war between different factions of Islam. America needs to pull out. We have no time to babysit countries.

This is precisely why President Trump decided to pull our troops from Syria, as he felt that the blood of US soldiers is too precious to be spilled for other people. As the President aptly pointed out, we need them to guard our own borders which not even the Pentagon at times realize.

The military industrial complex is strong – they want us to have troops in every country. It’s all about jobs and money. Every politician wants some weapon system or military asset to be built in their state. America needs to pull thousands of troops home. We have other uses for these troops. These troops could be in America while continuing their training while seeking higher education or doing other more useful things.

Why is America still in Germany as well? The Germans don’t care about us as we can see in their trade deals with us. There’s not any American cars on German roads but plenty of German cars on American roads. Whoever allowed that to occur?  

Why Trump’s Decision Makes Sense

Critics say that Trump has given Turkey a free pass to target the Kurds, who are one of our staunchest allies. This is a blatantly false claim, as President Trump has assured that he will impose punitive sanctions on Turkey and crush their economy if they dare to attack the Kurds.

Our NATO allies have also assured that they will join the US in sanctioning Turkey if they try to invade Syria or ethnically cleanse the Kurdish minority in the region. As our tariff war with China clearly shows, the US has the leverage to bring any country to its knees through economic sanctions. So, there is no need for us to be physically involved in a territorial fight between Assad and Erdogan.

Let us bring our troops home and militarize our Southern border. As the President has repeatedly pointed out, illegal immigration is a far bigger problem than what is happening 7,000 miles away from our country!

Give the Kurds lots of weapons (night vision and automatic weapons) and bring our troops home!

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