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Romney’s Attack on Trump Proves That He Is a Useful Idiot For The Democrats
10/21/2019 Democrats Benjamin
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When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, he did not just defeat Hillary Clinton, but also defeated a section of the Republican establishment which was vehemently opposed to him.

This is the section that comprises of the pathetic John McCain who did not even vote for Bush tax cuts which were needed and McCain did not even want to utilize the oil deposits in ANWR! What’s the point of buying Alaska from Russia if we are not going to utilize Alaska’s resources?!

Many people are still trying to figure out why McCain even called himself a Republican? Obamacare is still killing Americans because of that buffoon who left all of his honor back in Vietnam.

Moreover, an integral part of the establishment is Mitt Romney, who has repeatedly attacked the President on various issues.

Romney’s Attack on Trump Regarding the Syrian Situation

Recently, Romney stated that by withdrawing US troops from Syria, Trump has abandoned the Kurds and that the decision will go down as a ‘bloodstain’ in US history.

Despite the fact that the President has assured that he will impose punitive sanctions on Turkey if they try to harm the Kurds in any way, Romney has toed the Democratic line and criticized the President harshly.

Romney’s Attack on Trump Regarding the Ukraine Phone Call

Romney also stated that the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President is ‘troubling’ and the President’s request to Ukraine and China to investigate Biden is ‘appalling’.

Even a cursory online search will tell you that both these assertions are wrong, but that did not stop Romney from siding with the pro-impeachment crowd and criticizing the President in public.

So Romney is OK with Biden committing financial crimes in Ukraine and for him selling out his public office to Ukraine and China? Romney – how come Democratic corruption does not bother you?

Romney should be saying the same thing Trump is! But Romney is proving he is petty – he’s jealous that Trump won and he did not.

Romney’s Past Attacks on Trump

Romney has also attacked the President many times in the past based on completely baseless allegations.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Romney attacked Trump as a ‘phony’ and a ‘fraud’ for not releasing his tax returns.

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots, Romney alleged that the President sided with white nationalists, despite the fact that the President explicitly condemned acts of racism and violence perpetrated by people on all sides – irrespective of their ethnicity or ideology.

What explains Romney’s hatred against Trump? It is quite simple. He is a jealous, unprincipled man who does not stand for anything as already indicating.

Romney cannot digest the fact that he lost what was considered a winnable election against Obama, who had badly screwed up our economy. ISIS was blowing up all over the world Romney! You did not even use Benghazi against him! What were you thinking?

Despite pandering to the left-liberal establishment, Romney never managed to win over his critics. Liberals humiliated him, belittled his faith, and even shamed his wife for being a good mother. Still, he could not muster up the courage to pay them back in the same coin.

Trump, on the contrary, took on the entire political establishment head on and still managed to emerge as the winner. He stood up for what he firmly believed in, which convinced patriotic Americans that he was the right man to lead the country.

In relation to being funny, Romney has also declared that he will not be endorsing Trump in 2020. Not needed Mitt! Trump won in 2016 without you and will do so again in 2020. You, in the meantime, can continue being who you are – a useful idiot for the Democrats.

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