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The US Economy is The Best-Performing Economy in The World
10/07/2019 Economy Benjamin
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The US economy is currently going through its strongest growth phase in a very long time. Our manufacturing sector is thriving, record numbers of jobs are being created, our trade deficit is being rebalanced, and our energy sector is leading the world in terms of oil production.

Simply put, the US economy is the best performing economy in the world right now by a large margin.

Let us take a look at the numbers now.

  • The unemployment rate in the country is currently at 3.5% - the lowest it has ever been since 1969.
  • The African American unemployment rate currently stands at 5.4% - the lowest it has ever been since 1973. When Barrack Hussein Obama was president – he put record number of black Americans on food stamps. This is what liberals want to do – they want people stupid and lazy and to be dependent on the system. Democrats trade votes for food stamps. This is how they monopolize every ghetto city in America and every city they control is a ghetto.
  • The Hispanic unemployment rate currently stands at 3.9% - the lowest it has ever been in the past century.
  • The unemployment rate for veterans currently stands at 3.5% - a record low thanks to the GI benefits bill passed by Trump in 2017. We know Democrats don’t care about veterans which is why their bureaucratic friends in the Phoenix VA years ago was killing veterans while giving themselves bonuses.
  • The unemployment rate for high-school dropouts is at its lowest level ever. Why learn a bunch of liberal garbage if you don’t have to? Now you should remain in school and even obtain a college degree that is not useless but because of the amazing economy created by Trump and his team America is great again and no longer pathetic like it was under the only non-Christian president America has ever had which was Obama – ISIS’s best friend.
  • The unemployment rate for women is at its lowest level in 65 years.
  • The size of the US labor force currently stands at 164 million – the highest it has ever been.
  • On average, 165,000 jobs are being created every month.
  • More than 6 million jobs have been created so far under Trump’s presidency.
  • Capital spending is increasing steadily, thanks to a thriving manufacturing sector.
  • Sales of single-family homes across the country is at a 12-year high, which is an indication of a robust housing market.

Donald Trump – The Miracle Worker

What President Trump has managed to achieve in the past two and a half years is nothing short of miraculous, considering the fact that our economy was in the doldrums under the Obama administration.

President Trump has managed to turn our economy around despite dealing with several road blocks.

  • He inherited a bloated mess of a bureaucracy from Obama. A large section of bureaucrats have been actively working to derail his political agenda and policies, albeit with little success.
  • He has had to deal with a hostile Federal Reserve, which is deliberately keeping the rates too high at a time when central banks in other countries are cutting rates. As a result, the US dollar has grown too strong against foreign currencies, which cuts into the profits of our exporters.
  • He has had to deal with a hostile judiciary, which is throwing roadblocks every time he proposes sensible measures like the census and banning transgendered people from the US military.

If he solves the illegal immigration problem in his second term, Donald Trump will undoubtedly be regarded as one of the greatest presidents in US political history.

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