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Democratic Politicians Have Ruined Some of America’s Greatest Cities
10/07/2019 politicians Benjamin
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It is no secret that a large section of urban America is becoming unlivable by the day. Some of our greatest cities – San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, and many more – have been utterly ruined and rendered uninhabitable unless you are a cockroach or a degenerate.

Or a liberal who does not want to admit their policies are unsound and pathetic. But since so many Americans cannot admit the truth and have a disease called political correctness what are we supposed to do about that?

Moreover, these are among the dirtiest and most violent cities in the entire country. In fact, the crime rate in some of these cities is comparable to third-world countries.

What is the reason behind the decimation of our cities, which were once the pride of our country? The short answer is – liberalism, which is promoted and propagated by Democratic politicians.

How Democratic Rule Ruined America’s Cities

Liberal policies, by definition, are designed to destroy the organic growth of a society. The hallmarks of a liberal administration are as follows.

  • Unrestricted welfare spending
  • Public policies which are designed for the sole purpose of wealth redistribution
  • Crippling regulations on businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Inefficient bureaucracy
  • A criminal justice system which is designed to incentivize antisocial and criminal behavior – particularly among young people
  • Promotion of LGBTQ degeneracy and sexual perversions – particularly among young children

Now, is it any wonder that the cities controlled by Democrats are such a mess? Baltimore has one of the highest murder rates in the entire country. Chicago cannot even pay its employees. The residents of Flint do not have access to clean drinking water. Businesses are fleeing New York in record numbers.

High taxes have made New York unlivable and lower taxes in other states that are not run by braindead liberals are drawing thousands of people every year.

Nearly 50% of the people in Detroit are illiterate. The streets of San Francisco are filled with used syringes, condoms, feces, and every other kind of filth imaginable. As a conservative social commentator aptly put it, San Francisco is probably the only city in the country where a stray dog is more likely to step on human feces than the other way around.

San Francisco is disgusting and so is Nancy Pelosi. They even allow these disgusting homeless people to defecate in public. Should people this pathetic even be allowed to walk around freely?

How it is Affecting the Rest of the Country

One of the major problems with the decimation of liberal hellholes like San Francisco is that record numbers of people are fleeing these cities and moving to Austin, Reno, Houston, and to the state of Florida.

Far from being grateful to be welcomed into Republican cities, these liberal rats are conspiring to turn red states into blue. As a result, Stacey Abrams and Julian Castro are openly talking about the possibility of flipping Georgia and Texas – something that would have been considered impossible up until a decade ago. Julian Castro has no problem destroying America and turning America into another Latin American disgusting mess.

Unless President Trump cuts federal aid to liberal-run cities, which also masquerade as sanctuary cities, we are unlikely to see any changes in the way they are administered.

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