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Adam Schiff Embodies The Very Worst of Left-Liberal Politics
10/03/2019 Adam Schiff Benjamin
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The Democrats, thanks to rapidly progressing Trump Derangement Syndrome, are plunging to new lows every day in their immoral pursuit of power.

The utterly shameless behavior of the degenerate and wealth-destroying Adam Schiff at the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday, in particular, crossed a line that had never been crossed before in recent political history.

Adam Schiff’s Fake Statement

At the committee hearing, Adam Schiff read out what was supposed to be the transcript of the conversation between the US President and the Ukrainian President. It turned out that he read from an entirely fabricated transcript which had nothing to do with the actual conversation that happened between President Trump and the Ukrainian President.

Let it sink in for a moment. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee blatantly lied to the entire nation in order to falsely implicate the country’s president in a scandal which never happened in the first place. It goes to show just how brazenly corrupt the Democrats are!

This is something that Harry Reid would do from Nevada. Harry Reid is the maggot politician who was responsible for the real estate crisis and 9-11. Harry Reid is the politician who put rapists and terrible people in our neighborhoods while he sipped on champagne.

Whistleblower Colluding with Schiff

Several members of the intelligence community also believe that the so-called whistleblower actually colluded and coordinated with Adam Schiff in an attempt to implicate President Trump in a made-up scandal.

In fact, the Director of National Intelligence, when asked about the scandal, could not come up with a credible and cohesive response, as the questions were not about procedural lapse or national security. They were all about policy, which the intelligence community has nothing to do with.

In other words, rogue elements in the intelligence community colluded with the opposition just because they were not happy with the President’s policies which involved attacking corruption – corrupt bureaucrats like Brennan and Clapper don’t care about Americans. If this is not a sign that the deep state hates President Trump and wants to oust him at any cost, what is?

The Democrats are attacking Trump in this way because they know they are going to lose in 2020. They are upset that the Mueller report led to nothing and this Ukraine issue will lead to nothing as well. But the Democrats are desperate because they lose on the issues and their political candidates are a disgrace.

Biden will be charged with crimes in late 2019 and his crackhead son will be too. The Democrats don’t know what to do.

The Real Scandal

The only scandal that we ought to be discussing right now is how Joe Biden as already mentioned, while serving as Vice President of the United States, sought favors for his son from Ukraine and China.

Joe Biden not only sought favors from the Ukrainian President, but he actually threatened to withhold our military aid to the Ukrainian government unless a prosecutor who was looking into his son’s business deals was fired.

What Needs To Be Done Next

Rep. Andy Briggs (R-AZ) – in a welcome step – has introduced a motion to censure Adam Schiff for blatantly lying to the House Intelligence Committee. While it is a start, it is not sufficient to drain the swamp, which is filled with despicable creatures like Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters.

When Trump gets reelected, he should weed out the malcontent from the intelligence community and try them for treason. Nothing else is acceptable!

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