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The Corrupt Legacy of Barack Obama
09/26/2019 Barack Obama Benjamin
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The Obamas recently bought a sprawling 29-acre Martha’s Vineyard mansion for a whopping $15 million. It is funny how Democratic presidents – who endlessly harp on about income inequality while in power – have no qualms about making millions when they are in office.

Democrats are masters at selling out their public office. How do we think the Clinton’s are worth a $100 million? Do the Clintons believe that money will get them into heaven? Are the Clintons Christians or are they scum? It has to be the latter.

The Clintons are evil people and the House of Cards show perfectly illustrated that.

So, how did the Obamas become so rich? Let us take a short trip down memory lane.

Shakedown of Big Banks

During the course of his presidency, Obama – along with the abominably corrupt Eric Holder, went after big banks with a vengeance. Banks were prosecuted on the flimsiest of charges and forced to pay hundreds of millions in settlements.

In addition to this, they were also forced to contribute to various Democrat-supporting forums and activist groups, all of whom were actively campaigning for Obama and propagating his policies. The persecution was so bad that conservative political commentators called it a ‘shakedown’.

How come no one is asking how the Obamas are able to buy luxurious homes all over the country when not making that much money now? Yes, some ridiculous entities actually pay to hear that community organizer speak but he’s not making enough money to afford these mansions. So how did Obama get all this money?

Barack used his position as being the president to enrich himself.

Shady Business Deals

In 2012, two of Obama’s closest friends – Marty Nesbitt and Harreld Kirkpatrick – founded a private equity investment company called Vistria. Soon after, the Obama administration started imposing harsh regulations on coal mining and offshore drilling – two industries which formed the backbone of our energy sector.    

The regulations were so harsh that many of the companies operating in these industries suffered heavy losses, which lowered their overall value considerably. This allowed Vistria to acquire these companies at dirt cheap prices. How is that for a quid pro quo deal?

During the course of Obama’s presidency, Vistria managed to acquire a number of companies at a fraction of their original value, which allowed them to build an extremely profitable investment portfolio.

More on Obama’s Money Making Deals

In addition to this, Obama has also managed to make millions from his book deals and speeches. In 2017, he was paid an astronomical $400,000 by a Wall Street firm to deliver a 25-minute speech.

What is even worse is that Michelle Obama charges a $200,000 fee for her speeches. It is hard to imagine people actually paying money to listen to her sanctimonious claptrap, especially considering the fact that her only notable achievement is getting married to Obama.

She certainly is not attractive!

On a side note, climate change activists have been warning for a long time that coastal communities like Martha’s Vineyard could be devoured by rising sea levels in the coming years.

That didn’t stop Obama – the climate change crusader – from buying an island home. Really makes you think, doesn’t it? The ocean rising is not a threat no matter how much BS comes out of the mouth of AOC and her ilk.

The Green New Deal is just a power grab – the Democrats want to take our freedom away. Though the Democrats have no problem with allowing doctors to kill babies and sell their parts to buyers! They love that type of freedom.

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