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Hillary Clinton And Joe Biden – The Embodiment of Political Corruption
09/26/2019 corruption Benjamin
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It is that time of the year again. Democrats are talking about impeaching Donald Trump, despite the fact that he has not committed any high crime or misdemeanor. He has created millions of jobs and given more power back to the people though.

The reason they want to impeach him is – wait for it – he exposed Hunter Biden’s shady business deals in the Ukraine.

For the first time in American political history, the opposition party is trying to impeach the president for actually exposing a scam!

The Bidens – Corrupt to the Core

Hunter Biden serves on the board of Burisma, which is an energy company based in the Ukraine, despite having virtually no expertise or experience in the energy industry.

His father Joe Biden played a key role in shaping the energy policy of the Ukraine, which directly benefited the company his son was associated with. Since 2014, Hunter Biden has received millions of dollars from oligarchs and anonymous LLCs based in China, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and many other countries.

And this is Hunter Biden – the crackhead who was kicked out the navy for doing what Cheech and Chong always do – consume drugs. But hey, at least Cheech and Chong stuck with marijuana which should be legalized all over but this is another topic.

Joe Biden was so drunk with power that he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma. He also bragged about it on national TV!

Joe Biden also took his son along with him on an official trip to China, during which he bagged a $1.5 million business deal for his son’s firm.

The same Joe Biden now calls President Trump ‘immoral’ and ‘unethical’. You almost have to admire the old goat’s chutzpah!

Hillary Clinton’s Unending Saga of Corruption

Hillary Clinton also emerged from the woodwork yesterday and proclaimed her support for the impeachment proceedings against the president.

The fact that there are people who still value the opinion of this deluded hag, who also has the distinction of being the most corrupt politician alive in the country today, should be a matter of concern for every patriotic American.

Hillary’s list of scandals and shady deals are too long to be listed here – from selling uranium to Russia to using her position as the Secretary of State to receive massive donations for her charitable foundation, she has used every trick in the book to enrich herself and her lecherous husband.

Not to mention the fact that Hillary Clinton badmouthed, bullied, and blackmailed her husband’s mistresses and rape victims into submission. That this woman still roams free is a disgrace. When Trump wins the 2020 election, he should make good on his promise and lock her up.

Well – that could happen even sooner with the Horowitz report and William Barr in power.

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