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Ilhan Omar Does Not Have American Values
09/20/2019 Ilhan Omar Benjamin
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Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar is a “failed American experiment,” as some political commentators have rightly concluded.

Omar had fled from her war-torn home country, Somalia, as a child and sought refuge in America. She was embraced and accepted and treated equally like any other American citizen.

But unfortunately, Omar has failed to imbibe the true American values, which allowed her to have a new home, a new opportunity, and a new life in America.

She has emerged as a figure who loves controversy, and will do anything to gain public limelight. She is one of the most unprincipled individuals who have now come to personify the failed Democratic Party.

Misusing the Race Card

Every legitimate criticism of Omar is deflected by using the race card. It is only a matter of time before Americans get tired of this trend of hiding behind the cover of race, ethnicity and religion to defend all types of atrocious behavior. Thanks to fake people like Omar, “race” is going to lose its true meaning and purpose.

How many Democrats in 2020 will not vote at all because the Democratic Party has not sanctioned his ignoramus from some third world hell hole?

Hurting the Interests of Fellow Muslim Americans

To promote their own selfish agenda, people like Omar have only worked against the real interests of fellow Muslim Americans. According to Shireen Qudosi, a Muslim reformer, Omar and others have been pushing Muslims like herself into some kind of an “ideological concentration camp”.

This is not where any honest Muslim American wants to be. Omar’s actions and words work to aggravate radicalization, rather than providing solutions to it.

How many Democrats will vote Republican for the irrational and dangerous statements that Omar spits out of her mouth?

Un-American Values

Ilhan Omar has failed to integrate with the value systems that America stands for as a nation. According to Omar’s critics, the Congresswoman is an American citizen on paper, but in practice she does not share the true American values. She is an un-American.

We one looks at what it means to be an American, it means that you love this country, you are patriotic in your feelings, you disavow terrorist ideologies, you celebrate excellence, and you embrace equality. If Omar is unable to do any of that, it is a serious problem.

She loves the American life but not the people that allowed her to live here.

Bitterness and Hatred

To an objective observer, probably no one in the United States has benefited more from the American values of embracing others than Ilhan Omar. But instead of showing gratitude, she continues to be bitter and hateful towards the very country that gave her everything.

No wonder, President Trump felt compelled to tell Omar and others like her to “go back” if they are so far removed from America and its core values.

Omar supports the green new deal which is not viable – perhaps only in The Twilight Zone. We know its just a giant power grab! Omar and her ilk want to micromanage our lives!

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