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Iran is an Irrational And Violent Nation
09/20/2019 Iran Benjamin
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The international community has recognized for decades that Iran represents a major threat to world peace.

The recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities have only reaffirmed this fact. Under its irrational regime, Iran has continued to degenerate and has now become a threat to the Western world, the Middle East, and even its own people.

State Sponsor of Terror

For a long time, Iran has been involved in supporting and sponsoring global terror outfits. The country has been implicated for its involvement in deadly terrorist attacks. It continues to provide funding, training and weapons to terrorist groups in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

It’s biggest funding came from Obama. Obama and radical environmentalists were and are hoping Iran attacks Saudi oil refineries on a wide scale. The hard left does not like people having their freedom – they want us to ride bikes and take public transportation even if public transportation is a perfect environment to get sexually assaulted or pick up some horrendous disease.  

Moreover, no other country has ever employed this kind of brazenly defiant approach as Iran – not even the dangerous and evil regimes such as North Korea. Iran is like a child who is not allowed to play with their toy because they have warped beliefs and don’t know how to get along with other people.

Perhaps the closest equivalents to the behavior of Iranian leaders can be found in the nefarious actions of Al-Qaeda, which is based on a similar ideology of adopting terror as a means to promote its own interests.

Nuclear Threat

Over the decades, Iran has pursued various stages of illegally developing nuclear weapons. It has done this despite making commitments to international treaties related to non-proliferation. On top of this, Iran has developed advanced weapon systems, including long-range and medium-range ballistic missiles that are capable of delivering a nuclear payload to any part of the world.

Complete Disregard of Human Rights

In recent memory, Iran has never show any regard for the human rights of its own citizens, and continues to violate them openly. The regime represses the rights of women and children, the freedom of religion, the freedom of association, and the freedom of the press. It has no respect for the cardinal human principles of equality and fairness.

The country publicly denies the Holocaust. It is the only nation to have openly called for the destruction of another state – Israel. The regime actively endorses chaos with a misplaced aim to spread “true Islamic rule” throughout the world even if that so-called religion is based on lies. For example, Muhammed never performed any miracles and conquered his enemies.

That would be like Greece worshiping Alexander the Great or Rome worshiping Julius Cesar – pretty ridiculous.

Little Hope for Change

The countries of the West, led by the United States, have continued to make efforts and tried to find ways to solve the problems with Iran without triggering a war.

Global strategists have hoped that the Iranian regime can be persuaded to change for the better, or have wished that it collapses one day under pressure from within or from outside.

But nothing about Iran has changed, despite years of hoping and wishing and dreaming. The harsh reality is that Iran will continue to endanger the stability and security of the world unless the rest of the world comes together and decides to confront it as a united force.

But we know Barrack Hussein Obama wants his psychotic Muslim Iranian buddies to continue to attack Saudi’s oil supplies to increase the price of oil.

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