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The Democrats Believe Plastic Straws is The Most Serious Challenge The Country Faces Today
09/09/2019 Democratic Party Benjamin
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The Democratic Party seems to have become so completely bankrupt of ideas that they have now chosen to direct all their focus and energies towards plastic straws. Last month President Trump finally told reporters on the White House lawns: “I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws!”

Yet Another Proof of Liberal Irrationality

Trump’s team delivered a perfect riposte to the Democrats’ suggestion to replace plastic straws with the ones made from paper or other materials. They said: “Much like most liberal ideas, paper straws don’t work and they fall apart instantly.”

But Al Gore will never admit this. He’s too busy flying around in his private jet telling us we need to ride bikes.

Banning plastic straws is not the panacea that will solve all the environmental problems of the planet. Before you ban plastic straws, you will have to ban virtually every human made thing because it eventually contributes to pollution.

According to environmentalists, producing a burger involves 1,600 liters of water consumption (the animal must be raised in a farm.) Giving up beef can reduce the carbon footprint more than giving up a car.

So, what all do the Democrats propose to ban in order to make a meaningful environmental impact? Beef, cars, beverages, computers?

Returning to the Stone Age is probably the grand liberal idea of saving the planet. How much more irrationality do we need in this country or in this world? Just look at what Germany and France are doing to their economies. This is why they are in a recession and even now Germany admits their ridiculous green energy schemes have backfired on them.  

People with Disabilities Need Plastic Straws

Democrats probably forgot that people with disabilities have rights too. These individuals often need straws to drink. Experts in disability studies have described the idea to ban plastic straws as “environmental theater”.

Secondly, metal reusable straws come with their own pitfalls too. A British woman recently died in a freak accident where the metal straw pierced into her during a fall.

Who wants a metal straw slamming into their mouth as well which could happen in any number of scenarios? Democrats are a danger to us all. And we know Hillary Clinton cannot even walk right – what happens if her metal straw slams into her when she falls over which we all know she’s prone to do.

If California and other loony tune states want to destroy themselves over nonsensible issues then so be it but keep sane America out of it.

Democrats Don’t Have a Serious Agenda

In absence of any credible arguments or facts to challenge President Trump, the Democrats seem to believe they can base their entire campaign on these hollow issues such as plastic straws.

But as history has demonstrated repeatedly throughout the course of politics in America, you cannot win against someone without having a substantive argument.

Democrats need to have an agenda, and they need to stand for something more sensible than just straws. However, what is visible so far is that they are completely failing to counter Trump’s policies on all fronts – whether it is the economy, jobs, or international politics.

The Trump administration is focusing on the economy, jobs, border sanity, and fair global trade, while the Democrats are busy trying to create a mountain out of a molehill (plastic straw). They will pay a heavy political price for their failed tactics of illusion and public deception.

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