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Many Americans Believe Islam is Incompatible With American Values
09/09/2019 Islam Benjamin
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A very substantial part of the non-Muslim American population believes that Islam as a religion is incompatible with American values (and Democracies across the planet), and it has been constantly used against US interests.

Islam is not allowed in Japan, China, or South Korea for example.

This conclusion was drawn from the findings of a recent research study by two organizations – The New American Foundation and the American Muslim Institution.

Americans are Concerned about Growing Islamic Extremism

The study showed that as many as 42 percent of Americans think Islam is not compatible with American values, and 38 percent are of the view that Muslims in the US are not as patriotic as others.

More than half the American population (56 percent, as per the study) is concerned about the growing “extremism” within the Muslim community. This is why so many Americans love movies like Twelve Strong and 13 Hours. Patriots Day was very popular as well.

According to the Gallup website, research shows that the US has identified more than 160 Muslim-American perpetrators of terror and terrorist suspects over the last eight years.

Religious Preachers can Influence the Children’s Minds Very Early

Islamic preachers, right from the days of the religion’s inceptions, have discovered the power of the belief that influencing a child’s mind in early years is akin to carving the preaching in stone. Behavioral psychologists across ages have acknowledged how impactful it can be if a child’s mind is indoctrinated early. This is why liberals and teachers’ unions want to control the public school system so they can brainwash so many children but this is another topic.

Millions of Muslim kids are taught in “Madrasas” (religious schools based on Islamic teachings) where the Islamist belief systems are rooted deeply into their mind.

If young children are told that they will be rewarded by God if they behave in a certain way, and receive unimaginable tortures as punishment if they don’t, it can sow the seeds of fanatic behavior very early. This is why so many Palestinians are living in Harry Potter land because they have been destroyed as children – they have been lied to.

Islam abuses its children. Islam is a false religion. Even its founder was violent. Jesus Christ never resorted to violence.

It is from this type of early indoctrination that most die-hard religious extremists emerge. In the name of religion, their political masters can even convince them to commit suicide (by becoming suicide bombers). It is hard to win a battle against someone who is prepared to die and take you down with him.

Dangers of Religious Manipulation

When religion is misused to manipulate the minds of the masses, it becomes a disease that has no cure. It is a cancer that spreads and kills everything that comes in its way. This is why so many Islamic countries are fighting each other now and produce so much hate. Their entire religious philosophy is irrational.

President Trump realizes this danger. And that is the real reason he wants to have strong immigration laws to protect American from religious fanatics who have been manipulated and misled, and fed hatred from childhood against the United States, the west, and against all countries which are free.

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