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The Homeless Situation in LA Disgusting
08/28/2019 Homelessness Benjamin
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Los Angeles is struggling with a mounting homeless crisis. The infamous Skid Row in the city is nothing short of a disaster. The unbearable stench of human waste and liquor will greet you as you step into the area but I would not do that.

In fact, I would not even visit the pitiful state of California.

This is followed by rows of filthy tarp tents lined up on the sidewalk right next to heaps of rotting garbage. Drugged-out vagabonds, cursing, fighting, and indulging in disgusting behavior are a common sight.

Utter Neglect, Mismanagement, and Failed Policies of the Hypocritical Liberals

This 21st century nightmare in Los Angeles has gone out of control thanks to the decades of mismanagement and neglect of the administration combined with failed liberal policies. Some social observers believe the city has reached a point of no return.

This city is not that far away from dystopia. LA is another terrible place to live because of liberals. The same forces that destroyed Detroit and Baltimore have reached the west coast.

People are angry at the hypocrisy of elected officials who continue to make big promises and consistently fail to deliver. Across California, no meaningful or sincere efforts have been made to pass legislation that will curb this menace.

To boost their own political prospects, those in power continue to use the crisis while manipulating the situation in a way that lets them escape accountability.

Some community leaders in LA say that the people are fed up of the false sound-bytes from the authorities that keep calling it a “humanitarian crisis” but do nothing to address the situation. If at all, they will take only self-defeating steps that open more paths to criminalization in the city.

The game of passing the blame and finger-point goes on merrily in LA as the local officials claim that they have not received adequate support from the state. The governor, in turn, says that everything is Washington’s fault because they have cut back on federal funding. That’s a joke because states should be able to pay for themselves.

The Texas governor does not make that claim! No Republican governor makes that claim. Liberal governors only function when they are stealing from the other states and being delivered their own food stamps.  

Many sufferers in LA feel like victims of a situation where the only goal of the officials is to extract political gains while they have mastered the art of lip service. When they give interviews to the media, they will promise the moon to the citizens while delivering an Oscar-worthy performance on camera. 

Worrying Statistics about the Rise of LA’s Homelessness

The number of homeless people in LA County has increased three times in four years, while the state has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on half-baked measures to handle the problem.

In the city of LA, homeless numbers are up by 16 percent in 2019. Who does this surprise? When you promote lethargic behavior what do you expect? Liberals reward parasites. Liberals champion the homeless because they want more people dependent on the system.

Liberals despise Americans who don’t need them to survive.

This is the outcome after two tax hikes and a $619 million spending in 2018 to control the problem through housing and social services. No wonder, these facts prompted President Trump to remark recently while pointing to LA’s homeless problem: “California is a disgrace to our country. It's a shame.”

So is every liberal city and state. America is great but not in states ran by politically correct morons such as Gavin Newsom who only care about themselves.

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