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Israel is Right to Bar Omar and Tlaib From Entering Their Country (America should do the Same!)
08/21/2019 Israel Benjamin
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Does a sovereign nation have the right to deny entry to people whom it deems a threat to its national security? Ask this question to any sensible person and he or she is likely to say ‘yes’.

It is precisely what Israel has done and it has resulted in a huge uproar in the Democratic establishment, which goes to show that liberals in the country have completely lost their mind.

Israel’s Decision to Bar Omar and Tlaib

Last week, Israel announced that it won’t allow congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to visit their country, as they both support the virulently anti-semitic BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement.

Omar, who is from Somalia, and Tlaib, whose parents are from Palestine, are known for their anti-semitic views as well as their hatred for Israel.

They both support Palestinian terrorists, regularly share anti-semitic posts, cartoons, and jokes on social media, and have stated on multiple times that Israel has ‘illegally occupied’ Palestinian land, which is a complete and utter lie.

Their support to the BDS movement, in particular, is the reason why Israel decided to bar them from entering their country. The movement, which is led by Palestine, calls for the boycott of Israeli products and services and aims to isolate Israel from the international community.

The Smear Campaign by Omar and Tlaib

Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib say that Israel is an occupier and that Palestinians are subjugated by the Israeli government. The truth, however, is that the irrational Palestinians consider Israel an illegitimate state and deny its very right to exist.

It is one of the reasons why we see murderous attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians on a regular basis by Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, who are called ‘freedom fighters’ by the misguided global Islamic community who live a false way of life and continue to be duped by a false religion that never had any merit.

Despite the fact that they are rightful owners of the country, Israelis have repeatedly offered to officially recognize Palestine as a state in return for the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, which they have refused.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – The Essence of Anti-Americanism

Basically, we have two congresswomen who are constantly running a smear campaign against our greatest ally, while supporting Islamic terrorists and fueling racial tensions in our own country.

Ilhan Omar, if you remember, asked for lighter sentences for individuals who tried to join the Islamic State terrorist organization. The pitbull looking and acting Rashida Tlaib, on the other hand, regularly hobnobs with Hezbollah supporters and spews venom against Israel every chance she gets.

A Somali refugee, who is more powerful and privileged than a vast majority of Americans, says that the US was built on the structure of genocide and slavery and that it does not belong to old stock Americans anymore. She wants to destroy this country and turn America into a colossal nightmare.

An American born to Palestinian parents, on the other hand, openly supports Palestinian terrorists and thumbs her nose at the people whose forefathers built this country.

The 2020 election is our chance to make ‘The Squad’ completely irrelevant and bring back sanity to our political discourse. Let us make it happen! Though Trump is going to win regardless and these buffoons are making it easier for that to happen.

Ilhan Omar may be in prison soon or caught up in legal troubles because she engaged in a false marriage. Get on that Attorney General William Barr!

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