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China is No Friend to America: Go Trump
08/16/2019 US China War Benjamin
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The Trump administration readily accepts something that many in the national security community have been debating over for a long time – China is no longer a friend of the United States.

Though it probably never has been.

China is a fierce economic, geopolitical, and diplomatic competitor. Also, it doesn’t shy away from providing intense competition.

This is why President Trump was right to wage the ongoing trade war.

Beijing and Washington were always meant to clash. However, the power struggle was always postponed because of inept and lazy politicians on both sides of the aisle. Americans need to accept now that there is no longer any common ground that requires preserving and now there could be a common enemy to rally against.

Trade no longer serves as the elixir it once did, instead, has now become the fuel to a large struggle that is set to continue for many decades.

The Historical Perspective

To understand the full repercussions of this challenge, it is important to understand the history between US and China. American commentators were often found to refer Beijing as “Communist China” or “Red China” during the 1950s and a large part of the 60s. The nation was no friend to Washington being an ally of the old Soviet Union.

The fear US had in the rise of Communism was well-placed and one of the biggest factors in getting involved with the long, arduous, and costly War in Vietnam and Korean War to fight forces backed by China.

But, over the next few decades, US and China mended relations and entered a major trading partnership. However, if you take a step back to look at the overall results of this partnership, you would see it has been a disaster for the US.

There have been over a million jobs shipped to China since 2000 but this is reversing because of Trump – a fantastic President. Manufacturing industries in the US shut down by the dozen while the Chinese economy prospered but this is all ending now. The great President Trump is reversing this trend to a significant deal.

Beijing used this partnership period for their self-gain. In fact, it is often referred to as the “period of strategic opportunity’ that resulted in China’s “peaceful rise”. While Washington was busy waging a war on global terrorism, China was building up its economic and military capabilities while Bush ignored China and Obama ignored everything accept giving billions to Iran.

What’s To Come?

We should clearly not be shocked by the events unfolding today since things are going to take a turn for the worse in the coming months and years between American and China but not if Trump continues to have its way. With Hong Kong erupting and America’s economy growing because of lower taxes and less regulations – the free world is looking much brighter now.

America should brace itself for the economic and geopolitical reality facing it, considering that we are at opposing ends over regional struggles, including North Korea’s nuclear program, dominion over East and South China Seas, Taiwan, and about millions of jobs and hundreds of billion dollars of trade.

The facts obviously state that China and America are friends no more. And it seems there is no turning back from Trump’s trade war against a defiant and unfair trading partner. China is an evil country and is no friend to Jesus Christ or humanity.

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