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NYC’s Rampant Homelessness Problem
08/16/2019 Homelessness Benjamin
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Homelessness in New York City in the past few years has reached the highest levels – something never before seen since the 1930s Great Depression which became The Great Depression because of FDR’s policies.

There were a total of 60,849 homeless people in June 2019, which included 21,295 homeless children belonging to 14,589 homeless families – all sleeping the night, every night, in the New York City municipal shelter system. Almost three-quarters of the homeless shelter population are made up of families.

Research states that homeless single adults are at an increased risk of addiction disorders, serious mental illness, and other equally severe health problems as compared to homeless families.

There are thousands of unsheltered homeless families and adults sleeping on New York City subway system, streets, and other public spaces each night.

Homeless Are Everywhere in NYC

Homelessness disproportionately affects the Latino and African-American New Yorkers. Approximately, 31% New York City homeless shelter residents are Latino and 58% are African-American.

It doesn’t take long to come across a homeless in any part of the city.

One East Village resident was quoted as saying that they have many homeless people living around there.

Another resident, Susan, added that they have noticed more people on the streets lately.

Jamie of the Upper West Side was quoted as saying that there are some homeless walking around that are pretty crazy and that is disconcerting.

The results have been intimidating as well as very unpleasant.

Albert of East Village stated that they have seen a lot of public defecation and urination. Robin, a native of Colombia on a visit added that he saw homeless screaming and kicking trains.

And there are many times that the conditions are downright dangerous for both homeless and the residents. Katrina, a homeless, reported that she got attacked during her stay in the shelter homes which liberals don’t care about. Liberals just want more people dependent on them.

Another homeless person, Jim, added that there were times when he felt safer sleeping in the park than at the shelter. How come Jim does not get a job? Because of Trump there are plenty of jobs out there – well perhaps not in liberal NYC where Americans are leaving in droves.

What is New York City Doing for the Homeless?

Complaints of homeless people sleeping, urinating, and sometimes assaulting people on the streets is increasing. The country wonders what and when is NYC going to do something about this.

New York is committed to rent control and rent stabilization, which means that there is a lack of necessary housing development. In many cases, the city simply “rezones” existing area to produce affordable homes rather than building more houses.

NYC is where most uber-liberal policies take birth. The city has produced surprising inequality and an ever-shrinking middle class which has aided in deepening the homeless problem. The city hopes something will work on its own miraculously by throwing money at the problem but their pathetic Mayor De Blasio has only perpetuated the problem. Not really surprising!

But, people will only tolerate so much human waste on the sidewalks and only for so long. Though we will see – the smart people are leaving or have left this pitiful city. New York needs to stop following in the footsteps of San Francisco and clear its human waste filled roads to prevent a health and social disaster.

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