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California’s Quality of Life is Despicable
08/10/2019 California Benjamin
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California is one of the worst states in terms of quality of life in America. This is what the 2018 Best States Rankings by US News & World Report said. The so-called Golden State, more like Urine State, was awarded Rank #50 on quality of life because it fared poorly in the social and natural environment categories.

The report evaluated various states based on a sense of community and a healthy environment. It took into account each state’s individual pollution, urban air quality and voter participation, among other aspects.

The Disappointing Ranks

California ranked 45th in the ‘low pollution health risk’ factor and 50th in ‘urban air quality’. However, where drinking water was concerned, it ranked 13th. The state also found itself 38th in social support, 44th in community engagement, and 49th in voter participation.

California is a giant ghetto.

California has a very high cost of living which never fails to get poor reviews. California received a mid-range No. 27 rank in the 2019 Gallup’s “financial” ratings report. In part, this rank could be attributed to what can be referred to as the overall job-market satisfaction score. California ranked No. 22 in the ‘career’ category.

The Golden State was No. 43 in terms of fiscal stability, No. 38 in infrastructure and No. 46 in opportunity. However, it did post relatively high scores in economy (No. 4), health care (No. 11), and crime and corrections (No. 28). How many people will leave this food stamp state for more pro-business states this year?

However, an important standard to measure quality of life is to measure the number of residents that can afford a roof over their heads – and California is miserably failing in this aspect.

Most Californians Cannot Afford a Roof Over Their Heads

A report by Harvard University in 2017 stated that almost a third of the rental population in Los Angeles area cannot afford the high rent costs. They are severely rent burdened which means they spend 50% of their income on housing. There has been an increase of 67% in the median rent as reported by Los Angeles Times of a one-bedroom apartment in the same area as per the Zillow’s Rent Index.

Los Angeles Times also reported that the last six years has witnessed a stunning surge in homelessness, with over 55,000 homeless people living in the county. The next bubonic plague will probably emerge out of downtown LA.

Other Contributing Aspects

And, there is no respite where traffic is concerned, which just keeps on getting worse with each passing year. Los Angeles is said to have the worst traffic in the entire world as per USA Today, and homeless and urine smelling San Francisco is quickly catching up.

All this may seem confusing when compared against the fact that the highest state income tax rates in the whole of the US belong to California which is why this is occurring. High taxes push jobs and businesses away.

Crime is also on the rise in most Californian cities because of unchecked illegal immigration. The notorious drug wars of Mexico are slowly but resiliently spilling over the border. Due to this many families have had to move out of the state.

California is also one of the nation’s most litigious states. The ‘lawsuit climate’ was ranked 47 by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

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