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Liberals Put Violent People in Our Streets And Still Want to Take Away Our Guns
08/10/2019 Liberal Politics Benjamin
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“I am going to find the Congressman’s children and kill ‘em.”

These shocking words are not part of some crime thriller where an evil villain is hell-bent on making things personal and destroying a politician’s life. Neither was this outburst a part of some movie where the CIA or FBI tear open a terrorist plot.

These words were uttered and meant by a liberal from Florida – Laurence Wayne Key. And the target of the ill-masked threat is the children of House Representative Brian Mast, Republican. Laurence does not like it that so many black people have jobs now. People like Laurence are European made – they want other people to take care of them.

The motive was nothing sinister or personal, but purely political, raising questions over how far can liberals really go? Key was alleged to have called Mast’s office and threatened to murder his (Mast’s) kids if he separated kids at the border.

Laurence – when you commit a crime – you are separated from your kids!

This is Not The First Incident

It was only last year when Senator Rand Paul was brutally assaulted by his next door neighbor. The assault wasn’t for something understandable, like the trimming of the hedges, but for Rand’s conservatism.

Another Congresswoman Maxine Walters (a woman who does not even live in the ghetto she represents) allegedly urged violence in leftists a few months ago when she encouraged them to go out and create a crowd, pushing back on the current Trump administration. She called the supporters to let the administration know that they weren’t welcome anywhere, anymore.

When questioned, Walters claimed that she did not urge violence, but anybody who heard the statements would claim otherwise.

What Does Liberalism Stand For?

This is what liberal and Democratic Party is about today, where violence precedes dialogue and where open calls are made threatening (not just) politicians, but also their loved ones.

The violence of liberalism can fill the pages of a book and can be dated back for centuries. For instance, the French Revolution of the 1780s which started on the footsteps of the success of the American Revolution to support the noble cause of overthrowing a millennium-old monarchy quickly turned into a violent slaughter.

The appropriately named blood drenched ‘Reign of Terror’ witnessed the deaths of over 17,000 people in just one year.

There were judgments of beheading, drowning, and hanging meted out to anyone who was not actively supporting the Revolution or was labeled a Loyalist.

Jump to 21st century and you would see history peppered with similar incidents. “Kill Trump” was one of the most prominent graffiti on the walls of at the University of California, Berkeley College. This is a university that supports the killing of the unborn which is mainly black babies. Is that not racist?

Failed Liberal Ideology of Collectivism

It’s no exaggeration that most liberals are perpetually unhappy and dyspeptic because the world does not follow their edits. Deep down, liberals know that collectivism is a failed ideology which just fuels their anger. Just see Baltimore, LA, Chicago, and so on!

State and individual sponsored terrorism is nothing new, but there is something to be said when the collective ideology of a group calls for murder and violence.

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