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Democrats Admit Obamacare Was a Failure
08/09/2019 Obamacare Benjamin
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Now can we get the makers of Jurassic World and The Force Awakens to admit those movies were abysmal? That would be the day! I would rather watch Bad Boys 1 or M. Bay’s Transformers 2 for the 10th time than either of those politically correct no substance movies again!

In April this year, the Wall Street Journal made its final pronouncement about Obamacare: “In every larger aim, the Affordable Care Act has predictably failed. It was supposed to ramrod efficiency through the health-care marketplace. Instead, it has become just another inefficient program.”

The WSJ was not alone in recognizing the writing on the wall. Many Democrats are now prepared to admit that Obamacare was a comprehensive failure.

Obama – for the 1,000th time – your presidency was a joke. I am glad I never had to rely on it. But since I’m a military veteran, I am glad a James Comey bureaucrat for the VA did not kill me.

Democratic Presidential Aspirants Change their Tune

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have been quick enough to realize that they would not be able to defend the indefensible before the people.

Therefore, instead of scoring a self-goal, they have either endorsed “Medicare for all” or proposed their own healthcare plans. In doing so, they have implicitly admitted that Obamacare failed the country and its people. Kind of like Europe is failing its people or Venezuela failed its people.

Hugo Chavez – how is everything? Are you in the same place Pablo Escobar is at and where Barney Frank and Lois Lerner will be at soon?

The sole Democratic presidential candidate who still appears to be supporting Obamacare is Joe Biden (after all, he helped push through that disastrous piece of legislation). Biden is the one whose son smokes crack (but not with Charlie Sheen) and committed crimes in the Ukraine. The latter which we are going to here more about this year – right William Barr?

But even he has proposed his own healthcare plan, which involves expansion of subsidies within the existing program. With the introduction of his own plan, Biden too has effectively admitted to the failure of Obamacare. All real Americans knew Obamacare was going to fail before it was ever signed into law!

Old Wine in a New Bottle

Obamacare promised a false dream of guaranteed access to healthcare for all and progressively lower costs over a decade of its roll-out. However, even while trying to distance themselves from Obamacare, the Democratic candidates (including Biden) are now once again making the same fanciful promise to the American people.

It is a promise that would end up costing the people at least $750 billion over the next decade – as suggested during their own campaigns. In other words, for all their posturing, they are once again proposing an enormous economic burden to do what Obamacare was already supposed to have done.

They seem to think that they will be able to take the country for a ride all over again. Their plans will allow private healthcare providers to continue doing what they are doing, while patients keep facing the challenges of high medical costs.

A Mess of their Own Making

For the sake of political fight, Democrats are now faced with the unenviable job to trying to talk down something that was their own creation. And they want to do it conveniently by blaming Trump administration for the problems they have created through mismanaged healthcare.

That sounds like something Baltimore and all ghetto failed liberal cities. It’s not the Republicans fault your cities are failing – it’s politically correctness and corruption. Something Peter Strzok prefers as well as Elijah Cummings. We don’t blame you Cummings for not ever visiting the inner streets of Baltimore – those rats smell like rats!

Do you think the rats in Baltimore can communicate with the rats in LA? No, not the politicians that run those cities the actual rats! How evolved are they? Liberal policies are going to cause the next bubonic plague.

Democrats claim that the Trump administrated as ‘sabotaged’ the insurance markets, otherwise medical premiums would have gone down instead of rising this year. But these phony claims are not going to win them the support of the people who are suffering because of the failings of Obamacare.

Obamacare stifled competition and any honest person knows competition is critical for lower prices. This is not something Bill Maher will admit. He’s too busy spitting out garbage to Antifa.

The Bottom Line

In the 2020 presidential campaign, Obamacare is going to be the uncomfortable elephant in the room for Democrats unless they start openly admitting what their proposed policies are already saying: Obamacare has failed to work and was never designed to work.

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