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Can William Barr get the job done?
08/09/2019 William Barr Benjamin
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It has just been a few months since William Barr took over the job of the Attorney General. Within this brief period, he has already begun to imprint his stamp on the Justice Department.

When history judges Barr’s tenure, chances are that the highlight will be how he handled the Mueller report on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and he handled that well. We all know that was a joke and a waste of time and money. It was based on lies – something I figured out when I first heard about it!

And let’s not forget Robert Mueller is the one who slopped up the Whitey Bulger case and locked up innocent people! Robert – I would have thought you had already made enough of a fool out of yourself but your appearance in front of Congress a week ago was comical. Go hang out with Al Bundy in retirement!

The job-killing Democrats accused the righteous Barr of behaving as the President’s defense attorney and misleading the public about Mueller’s conclusions. But Barr has not hesitated from calling their bluff with his unambiguous “No collusion” stand.

Big Expectations

People have big expectations from Barr because he’s coming after a nincompoop called Jeff Sessions. Will he get to the root of how and why the Russia probe began – about which he has himself said that it involved “spying” on Trump’s presidential campaign? He’s enlisting the right help with John Durham that’s for sure.

No one expects him to do it all. I need help painting my home – just imagine trying to deal with the deep state all by your lonesome?

While a review of Barr’s track record shows that he wants to prioritize actions on issues such as immigration, it remains to be seen whether he can prosecute James Comey over the mishandling of FBI memos.

(However, just last week, the Justice Department prosecutors have declined to prosecute Comey for leaking and the word on the street is that they are going to get Comey on much more serious charges.)

Numerous credible allegations against Hillary Clinton and the ‘deep state’ officials during Obama’s administration need to be probed. It requires a criminal investigation, and the key is to complete it before the 2020 election so that the nation’s voters are well-informed before they go out to vote.

Though with the economy doing well and the Mueller report turning out to be a joke that we all knew it was from the beginning Trump is looking pretty good. Especially since Joe Biden is in some hot legal trouble with his crack head son pertaining to Ukraine and Biden leads the Democrats for a White House bid. Amazing!


In April, Barr effectively overturned the weak immigration policy of 2005 that allows people who claim persecution in their home country to come into the United States. Barr’s order could keep many asylum seekers in detention while their cases are heard in the courts.

The new process of “certification” that Barr has introduced for potential migrants seeking asylum is a game-changer. Since assuming office, the attorney general has used the certification process successfully to lower the number of asylum seeking immigrants into the country.

This bothers Democrats because they want to hook more uneducated and unskilled people onto the system so they can buy more votes. This is why they want open borders.  


Several new cases have been filed by the federal prosecutors against corporate executives and healthcare professionals who allegedly contributed to the fueling of the opioid crisis in the country. The abysmal record of the Obama administration in perpetrating this health fraud on the people needs to be thoroughly investigated.

I don’t know anyone personally who’s had a drug problem but perhaps Obama ignored this issue because it was not afflicting his power base which is gangster ridden and collapsing liberal ran cities.

Barr must launch an incisive probe into the motives behind Obama’s devastating fentanyl failure (just watch Bosch season 5 – it’s about fentanyl!). Why despite rising warnings and deaths, the Obama administration failed to take serious steps to counter this crisis?

Though this issue is not as massive as draining the swamp, prosecuting the deep state, and making sure one corrupt political party (the Democrats) cannot weaponize our spy and investigative agencies to attack and spy on another candidate.

Key Takeaway

What is clear so far is that Attorney General William Barr is not willing to back down on actions just on the basis of the hollow demands from the opposition and rhetorical questioning from the mainstream media. But will he be able to deliver on all the promises and expectations – it still remains to be seen.

Hillary Clinton committed crimes when she was Secretary of State. The dishonest and sanctimonious James Comey covered it up. We need William Barr to correct this travesty.

I will be much happier when these deep state officials are being charged with serious crimes. All real Americans will be.  

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