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President Trump is Right to Call Out The Insanity of ‘The Squad’
07/26/2019 President Trump Benjamin
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President Trump recently criticized four Democratic congresswomen – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who’s only skill is to serve pancakes), Ilhan Omar (someone who’s going to give Trump another four years), Rashida Tlaib (a wild barbarian and who looks like one), and Ayanna Pressley (a brain dead fake America who’s a job killer, not a job creator) – who call themselves ‘The Squad’ – for their far-left ideas and anti-American beliefs.

A closer look at the activities of these four women shows that the President was absolutely right in his criticism.

The Squad – One of the Worst Things to Have Happened to US Politics

To understand the insanity of the squad, we need to first understand what they stand for.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – The self-proclaimed leader of the squad, AOC is a far-left radical who believes that socialism can solve the problems of the modern society. She is the architect of the Green New Deal, which, if implemented, will bankrupt the United States.

Ayanna Pressley – Being the only black member of the squad, Pressley believes that black people in the country should stand solidly behind her in opposing Trump. She stated that she did not want ‘black faces’ that did not want to be ‘black voices’.

Rashida Tlaib – A Palestinian American, Tlaib is a practicing Muslim who openly declared that she is more Palestinian within the confines of the Congress than she is anywhere else in the world. She believes that America’s rich should be taxed at a disproportionately higher rate in order to eliminate the problem of income inequality. She is an ardent supporter of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement against Israel. She has also compared Israel to Nazi Germany multiple times.

Ilhan Omar – She is undoubtedly the most dangerous member of the squad, owing to her background and beliefs. She hails from 3rd world Somalia, a country which produces jihadi terrorists at an alarming rate. She regularly demeans America and American values by stating that our country was founded on the principles of slavery and racism when she is the one who’s racist and does not realize the world would be in total ruin if it was not for America.

Omar believes that white men are the biggest threat to our society and that young, white men should be profiled for terrorist inclinations.

This is, as we know, a blatant lie. Statistics from the FBI shows that a vast majority of gun-related crimes in the country are committed by African Americans, followed by Hispanics. Similarly, a vast majority of terrorist acts are committed by Muslims. In fact, Asians and whites are the two groups of people who commit the least number of crimes in the country.

The Squad’s Support for Illegal Aliens

All four members of the squad support illegal aliens and believe that every illegal alien should have the right to taxpayer funded healthcare and abortion. They also believe that illegal entry into the United States should not be a crime because they are fake Americans themselves – they don’t mind paying more taxes because they don’t really work for a living and never have.

They say that all the illegal aliens currently living in the country should be given amnesty and our immigration program should be simplified so that even more people can come into our country from all corners of the world.

As you can see, there is nothing remotely American about their views and beliefs. President Trump was right to call them out on their insanity, racism, and anti-American beliefs.

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