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Trump’s Approval Rating Surges to 50% After July 4th Speech
07/17/2019 Rating Surged Benjamin
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President Trump gave a rousing speech on the 4th of July, which appealed to the social consciousness of patriotic Americans across the country.

‘Salute to America’ was such a success that Trump’s approval rating surged to 50% after the event.

Highlights of Trump’s Speech

  • President Trump saluted our national heroes – George Washington, Betsy Ross, John Adams, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, John Glenn, and Frederick Douglass – for defining our national character and creating the foundation of a super power.
  • His mention of Betsy Ross was particularly important in light of the controversy created by Nike and the ungrateful Colin Kaepernick, who spit on America’s glorious past.
  • He pointed out that America’s genius birthed motion pictures, musicals, westerns, rock and roll, jazz, rhythm and blues, country, and filled the world with airwaves that defined good music. To date, America remains the most dominant player in the global entertainment industry by a wide margin.
  • He highlighted America’s contributions to modern architecture and engineering – skyscrapers, suspension bridges, assembly line, automobiles, and many more.
  • He stated that America is pushing the boundaries of science and medicine and achieving things that were once considered impossible – saving countless lives in the process.
  • He concluded the speech by saying that as long as we remember our past, honor our founding fathers, stay true to our course, and strive for a better future, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

Reaction to Trump’s Speech

The left liberal establishment collectively denounced the 4th of July celebrations and termed it ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’. The hashtag ‘Boycott 4th of July’ was actually trending on Twitter, which goes to show the extent of their hatred towards our national character.

It is important to note that the left liberals in the country do not hate Trump per se. They hate everything he represents and stands for.

They hate him because he loves America, he thinks it is the greatest country on God’s green earth, and strives to make it better. If Trump had been a part of the degenerate liberal clique in Washington or New York, they would have loved him unabashedly.

Common people, on the other hand, love Trump as they know that he loves the country as much as they do. In Trump, they see a self-made man who represents the ideals of America better than anyone else – honesty, tenacity, industriousness, love and concern for fellow citizens, and a burning desire to make this country a better place to live in.

This is why blue collar workers across the country rally solidly behind Trump and reject phonies like Bernie Sanders (a socialist) and Joe Biden (a pathetic fake American who will soon be indebted), who shed crocodile tears for working class Americans, but support policies which are designed to replace our people with aliens from around the world.

As we proceed closer to the 2020 election, a sense of déjà vu has emerged among Trump supporters. Just like in 2016, Trump is focusing on issues that matter to Americans – economy, jobs, reviving the manufacturing sector, and national security.

Democrats, on the other hand, are talking about abortion rights for men, free healthcare for illegal aliens, raising our taxes to pay for illegals to attend college, taking my truck from me and telling me I have to get into a germ infected public bus, and reparations for black people who live in the best country in the world. Let us hope President Trump wins his reelection by an even larger margin which it looks like he will!

Keep jabbing that mouth AOC!

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